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First thing you desire to execute is purchase the appropriate plugs and also wires for your truck. Check what the void is and collection it on every the plugs prior to so friend don"t have the "Did I gap that last plug?" fear that ns did. Next locate where all your plugs are, ~ above the V8 6.0L they room all top top the sides and easy come locate.Time:2 hours for the an initial time plug replacer without all proper tools and also a kid going through your toolbox.Tools required:RatchetTorque wrenchUniversal JointVarious extensions(6in worked for all however one)(...on 2003 6.0L)Spark Plug Socket(5/8ths in mine case)Spark plug boot pullers(or slip share pliers)Spark plug void tool(if no pregapped to her truck)ToothbrushNext number out what next of the engine you space going to work on. I decided the best side and it was really simple. An initial off pull the upper component of the wire from the engine. This need to be very easy, never pull a spark plug wire by the wire itself, it will break and make her life much harder; pull it through the rubber boot. Make sure you just pull one wire at a time, no so confusing for vehicles there is no distributor caps yet still it maintains order.Once you have the upper part pulled next you will eliminate the wire from the plug. If you have a boots puller, attach it and give the a twist and also pull and also it have to all come out really easy. If friend only have actually a pair of slip joints grab it by the boot and also twist that a few times. The boot will probably give you fairly a little bit of trouble however keep going till the is off. If the cable comes off don"t fear. Simply keep working on the boot. Sometimes the boot will certainly come off and also leave the electrical connector on the peak of the plug, gently pull it right off the peak of the plug in ~ the exact same angle the the plug. Supplies required:Spark plugsWiresSpark plug and boot gel(from auto save for genuine cheap)Once the cable is off, eliminate the spark plug using your ratchet and spark plug socket. Once it is off examine the spark plug in ~ the bottom. Many auto guides will provide you a graph to check by. You have the right to see if over there is unhappy points going top top in your engine through spark plug inspection.Here is a photo of just how to review your spark plugs:

Toss the old plug away so you don"t failure it and also put it back in. Take her gapped new spark plug and also coat the threads v plug gel; make certain to save it away from the last 2 threads. Now carefully by hand ar it back in the engine and turn that by hand as much as you can. Currently turn it with the torque wrench or ratchet if friend don"t have actually it, either to encourage tq or nice and tight, be cautious not to over tighten and also bust threads or break the plug.Now include the wire gelatin to your brand-new ones and also connect the upper and also lower boots. You need to hear a slight click the spark plug. Repeat this on all the plugs and also wires.On my style truck the hardest plug is the back passenger side because of the firewall and a/c compressor. Through the appropriate tools this is not a problem. The optimal of mine craftsman plug socket has a 3/4 threading because that a short extension to be made by transforming it through a 3/4 socket rather of right on.

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2003 Silverado 1500HD LT 121,100 miles.Magnaflow dual exhaust. Westin side boards. K&n Drop in. 33in Nitro Terra Grapplers. Mobil 1 High Mileage. AVS an insect guard. 3.73 behind end. Mismatched Tonnue Cover.