Chevrolet developed two different variations that the 2.2-liter S-10 pickup. One model kind used the usual spark plug and also wire mechanism that connects right into coil packs; the other featured coils over the spark plugs v no spark plug wires. The S-10"s spark plugs have to be adjusted as part of a continuous tuneup to maintain engine performance and also fuel efficiency.

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Unbolt the negative battery cable indigenous the battery terminal with the socket wrench and set the cable off to the side.

Detach the spark plug wires from the coil package on the valve cover in the engine compartment. Traction the wires cost-free from the spark plugs in the cylinder head.

Unplug the spark plugs v a spark plug socket and socket wrench.

Set the spark plug gap at 0.45 mm ~ above a new spark plug, and also plug the brand-new spark plug right into the cylinder head.

Apply a dab of dielectric grease within the finish caps ~ above the instead of spark plug wire. Plug one end of the wire into the coil terminal and also connect the other end of the wire right into the optimal of the spark plug.

Repeat actions 4 and also 5 to install the staying three spark plugs and also spark plug wires.

Connect the an unfavorable battery cable onto the negative terminal top top the battery. Begin the S-10 come make sure the engine turns over and runs normally.


If the S-10 2.2-liter go not have actually spark plug wires, disregard any kind of information pertaining to the spark plug wires and also replace every spark plug utilizing the same procedure comprehensive in the steps.


"Haynes Repair manual 1983 come 2004 Chevy S10 and also GMC S15 Pickup/ Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy"; Thomsom Delmar Learning.; 1999

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