IS200-98Your Hayward S200 high-rate sand filter is a highperformance, entirely corrosion-proof filter that blendssuperior flow characteristics and features v ease ofoperation. It to represent the very latest in high-rate sandfilter technology. It is virtually foolproof in architecture andoperation and also when installed, operated and maintainedaccording to instructions, your filter will create clear,sparkling water with just the least attention and care.HOW it WORKSThe S200 filter offers special filter sand to eliminate dirtparticles native the water. Filter sand is loaded into the filtertank and functions together the permanent dirt remove media.The pool water, which consists of suspended dirt particles, ispumped through your piping system and also is automaticallydirected through the patented filter control valve to the optimal of thefilter tank. As the pool water is pumped v the filtersand, dust particles space trapped by the sand bed, and filteredout. The cleaned swimming pool water is returned from the bottom ofthe filter tank, through the regulate valve and back to the poolthrough the piping system. This entire sequence iscontinuous and also automatic and also provides for totalrecirculation of swimming pool water with your filter and pipingsystem.After a period of time, the accumulated dirt in the filtercauses a resistance to flow, and also the circulation diminishes. Thismeans the is time to clean (backwash) her filter. V thecontrol valve in the backwash position, the water flow isautomatically reversed v the filter so the it is directedto the bottom of the tank, up through the sand, flushing thepreviously trapped dirt and also debris the end the waste line. Oncethe filter is backwashed (cleaned) the dirt, the regulate valve ismanually resequenced come Rinse, and then Filter, to resumenormal filtering.INSTALLATIONOnly straightforward tools (screwdriver and also wrenches), add to pipesealant for plastic adapters, are compelled to install and/orservice the S200 filter.1. The filter device should be put on a level concreteslab, an extremely firm ground, or equivalent, as recommendedby your swimming pool dealer. Position the filter so the the pipingconnections, control valve and winter drainpipe areconvenient and accessible for operation, business andwinterizing.2. Assemble Vari-Flo filter control valve come filter.

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Align thetwo (2) valve pipe connections, through O-rings in place,with the two openings in the next of the filter tank andpress in firmly. Secure the assembly to the tankconnections v the 2 bulkhead locknuts.Do not overtighten.(60 cm)(91 cm)PUMP MOUNTIINGBASE (IS200PAK1)