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Front Brake Pads ReplacementProject:Front Brake Pads ReplacementModels:2002 Nissan Altima2003 Nissan Altima2004 Nissan Altima2005 Nissan Altima2006 Nissan Altima

Information:Front brake pads carry out up to 70% of auto stopping power. In general, former brake pads wear out double as rapid as behind brake pads, 2 to1.Disc brakes have a definite braking power advantage over drum style brakes and also performance is not endangered as much when wet. Part discbrakes make use of cooling fins in-between the braking surfaces to maximize cooling efficiency. Replacing brake discs deserve to vary depending upon themake and model of auto or truck, 2 wheel or four wheel drive. Always replace brake rotors with height quality or OEM (original equipmentmanufacturer) brake rotors, some much less expensive brake rotors deserve to squeak and not dissipate heat also because of there inferior metalquality. (Always stay protective security goggles and also gloves prior to work begins)


- If shims room rusted or show peeling of the rubber coat, change them with new shims.

- at any time the brake pads are replaced, the inner shim, the outer shim and the shim cover have to be changed as a set.

1. Remove master cylinder reservoir cap.

2. situate caliper mounting bolts, use wrench pressure counter clockwise to eliminate the bolt.



3. Suspend the cylinder body through wire. Then remove pads v retainers, inner and also outer shims and pad return springs.



1. affix the inside shim and shim cover to the inner pad and also attach the outer shim come the external pad.

2. use grease to the call surface of pad retainer with the pads, then affix the pad retainer, pads and pad return spring tothe torque member.

3. To install the new brake pads you need to retract the brake caliper piston. Download C clamp tool and also gently tighten clamp untilcaliper piston is totally depressed.

- usage old brake pad to defend the caliper piston.

- do not compress the caliper piston through the other caliper removed.

4. install the cylinder body to the talk member.

5. Insert a main pin bolt (on the lower side) and also tighten it to specification.


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check the brakes because that drag.

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