Brake lights are powered through bulbs i m sorry fail as soon as the brake light is dimmer than usual, is slow to respond, or the Brake Warning Light comes on.

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Step 1: Easy accessibility bulb replacement. Some manufacturers have made it simpler to change bulbs in cars and also SUV’s by allowing access through the within of the vehicle.

If your automobile has this form you deserve to skip measures 2 through 4. If you have actually easy access, you might need to easily open the flap or panel end the inside of the brake irradiate lens. By accessing the within of the brake light lens you will check out the brake light pear socket.


Step 2: situate the mounting bolts. When locating the mounting bolts on her lens assembly, numerous are obvious but some room covered by cosmetic covers that quickly pop off.


Step 3: remove the mounting bolts. Once you have found the mounting bolts, eliminate and collection the bolts aside.


Step 4: eliminate the tail irradiate lens. Many tail light assemblies come right off.

If it offers some resistance, pay fist to the direction the tail irradiate lens is installed and also pull directly out.

Step 5: find the charred bulb. When the tail light assembly is removed, find the brake light bulb socket.

If you room unsure i m sorry socket is because that the brake light, either have actually somebody depress the brake pedal or revolve on your hazards.


Step 6: removing the brake light bulb. The bulb socket has actually a relax tab; revolve counterclockwise come remove.

To eliminate the brake light pear make certain the lights are off and the pear is cool to the touch. Pull the brake irradiate bulb the end of the socket.

Step 7: identifying the correct light bulb. ~ the brake light pear is removed, take it a look at the numbers on the bulb and also match them to the new bulb.


Step 8: use dielectric grease. Use dielectric grease to the brake light pear socket.

A pea sized amount is sufficient to apply to the socket.


Step 9: download the bulb. Take the brand-new bulb and also install it right into the brake light socket.


Step 10: mountain brake light socket. Mount the brake light socket, complement the tabs on the socket and the tail irradiate lens, and, as soon as inserted, rotate clockwise come lock.


Step 11: test the brake irradiate function. Prior to mounting the brake light lense, test the brake light function.

Step 12: download the tail light. Heat up the tail light and also slide right into position; line up the mounting holes, and also start the mounting bolts.

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Step 13: Tighten the mounting bolts. Mounting bolts are tightened hand tight.

Brake light pear are an extremely important because that the driver, passengers, and also surrounding traffic. Making sure your headlights, running lights, brake lights, hazards, and also turn signals space operating is a safety and security essential. If instead of a brake light bulb is something friend would quite leave come a professional, have actually one of’s certified technicians execute the replacement.

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