With the Notes application on iPad, you have the right to easily capture your thoughts, document information, and explore her creativity. Start a fast Note from anywhere, include images to her notes, re-superstructure notes, and use find tags to find notes quickly.

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Start a fast Note anywhere

To jot a note from any type of screen or app, just swipe increase from the bottom-right edge of the screen, insanity the note, and also start typing. Pinch the keep in mind open to change its size, or traction it off either next of the display screen to hide the while friend work. Swipe indigenous the bottom-right corner to show it again.


Add picture to a handwritten note

You can add images come handwritten notes to further illustrate your ideas. Simply drag an image saved in picture or an additional app ~ above the drawing area of the note, climate position and also resize it. Girlfriend can additionally write or attract on the image itself, for included emphasis or clarification.


Share a keep in mind with friends and family

A shared note is a great way to collaborate ~ above a team project, a household to-do list, and also more. To share a note, swipe left ~ above the keep in mind in the notes list, tap

, then select a share option. After friend share, madness
to see collaborator activity, add much more people, or protect against sharing.


Quickly discover notes

You have the right to search for virtually anything in notes—handwritten text, objects within images, even text in scanned documents. Swipe under on the notes list, then form what she looking for. Girlfriend can also use tags favor #recipes and also #errands come sort and filter her notes. To search for a tag, just form it in the search ar or form # to view search suggestions.

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Want come learn much more about the note app? examine out create Quick note anywhere, add a photo or video, share notes and also collaborate, and Use tags.