Yes!! i know specifically how it feels when you room unable to know what’s created on her screen. This is a really common and frustrating issue faced with the computer version of cool Theft Auto V. After ~ the an initial run every time you open up the game it instantly switches come Russian/other language. The GTA V language fix questioned in this following short article is confirmed working ~ above my personal laptops with latest variation of the windows 10 update and likewise on windows 7. There are two techniques down below, the an initial one requires modifying windows registry because that the game’s file and the various other one is by creating a commandline file. Both that the approaches are fully safe, simply make certain that you follow each steps very closely (refer the screenshot attached). So allows start v the steps:



Step 1: open the “Run” desktop computer app native the start menu. (or struggle Windows switch + R).

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Step 2: Then type regedit and also hit enter. It will certainly prompt with a screen, click yes come bypass the screen (As displayed in the screenshot provided).

Step 3: climate Goto:

Step 5: dual click top top the Language file, readjust it to en-US (for English) and also hit enter.

Method 2: producing A Command line message File



Step 1: right click all over on the desktop computer and float your cursor come New climate scroll under to Text Document.

Step 2: After the in notepad form the following:

-uilanguage american

Step 3: then click File>>Save As

Step 4: Name the record as commandline and browse to her installation catalog of the GTA V (Where your Gta V files are located) and then hit save.

Step 5: Done!!!

Kudos!! Now just simply dual click on her GTA V launcher and also get set to gain the game in the language friend love to play with. Adding to that you can readjust the Gta V language to various other than English by modifying the commandline paper that we saved in the game’s surroundings directory. If you room still no able to deal with the worry or have any other queries to share then hassle cost-free drop your comments down below, we will be happy to look upon it for the fix.

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