What Is a broken Collarbone?

Your collarbone (or clavicle) is the bone that runs horizontally in between the peak of her breastbone ( sternum) and also shoulder blade (scapula). You can feel her collarbone by touching the area in between your neck and your shoulder. A damaged collarbone, likewise called a clavicle fracture, is once this bone breaks.

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How does a broken Collarbone Happen?

Falling tough on a shoulder or one outstretched eight can reason a damaged collarbone.

These fractures are typical in contact sports prefer football, wrestling, rugby, lacrosse, and also hockey. They also can take place in sports where over there is a opportunity of fall hard, such together biking, skiing, snowboarding, and also skateboarding.

A collarbone likewise can break in a auto crash or if someone is hit by a car.


What are the indicators & symptoms of a broken Collarbone?

Someone who breaks a collarbone may have:

pain end the collarbone trouble relocating the eight or shoulder on the side swelling, tenderness, and also bruising along the collarbone a bulge or "tenting" that the skin over the rest

How Are damaged Collarbones Diagnosed?

To diagnose a collarbone fracture, a health treatment provider will:

ask around the injury do a physical exam order X-rays

How are Collarbone Fractures Treated?

Most broken collarbones heal through ice, arm support, pains medicine, and exercises. The arm is supported either through a sling or a shoulder immobilizer. A shoulder immobilizer is prefer a sling however it also has a strap the goes around the waist.

While the collarbone heals:

usage ice because that pain and swelling. Put an icepack, cold gelatin pack, or bag of frozen vegetables end the collarbone because that 20–30 minute every 2–3 hours. Be certain to put a towel in between the ice/cold pack and also your skin. Use the sling or shoulder immobilizer as directed by your health care provider. You"ll wear the for about a month, yet can remove it during bathing and also sleeping. Follow her health care provider"s instructions for using medicine for pain.

For around the first 4–6 weeks:

stop raising her arms above shoulder level. Avoid lifting anything the weighs an ext than 5 pounds (2.3 kg). This is about the weight of a 72-ounce party of fluid laundry detergent. Stay out of every sports and also physical education. Do all practice to avoid elbow and also shoulder stiffness and to assist with muscle strength. Walk to physics therapy, if needed. Walk to all follow-up appointments.

Call her health care provider if her pain or ede gets worse.

Will the Collarbone heal Straight?

Even if the broken bones aren’t perfectly inside wall up, the body usually can make them directly again. That"s because the collarbone has actually a special periosteum (outer class of the bone). The collarbone periosteum doesn"t commonly break, so that acts like a sleeve to organize the bone with each other while that heals. Rarely, the doctor could recommend surgical procedure if the damaged bones are really out of line.

Sometimes while the damaged collarbone heals, there is a bump wherein the bone was broken. Occasionally the bump doesn"t completely go away. Yet it doesn"t hurt or cause other difficulties with the arm or shoulder.

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When have the right to I Go earlier to Sports?

Your health care provider will watch you again and let you understand when it"s OK to go earlier to sports. This is generally when:

There"s no pain when the health care provider presses ~ above the collarbone. Her shoulder toughness is normal. You can move and also use the arm and also shoulder without pain. In general, world can go ago to noncontact sports (such as running or swimming) in around 6 weeks and contact sports (such as football, lacrosse, and hockey) in 8–12 weeks.

Can broken Collarbones it is in Prevented?

Because collarbone fractures occur suddenly and also unexpectedly, it deserve to be difficult to stop them. However to decrease her risk:

When playing call sports, wear all the recommended protective gear and also learn the suitable techniques for her sport. Wear well-fitting, supportive footwear that"s right for her sport.

Looking Ahead

Most damaged collarbones cure quickly and completely. In ~ a few months, you need to be ago to doing all the points you enjoyed before the injury.