Cordell Broadus, the boy of rapper Snoop Dogg, is leaving the UCLA football regime after deciding to finish his play career this week. He"s apparently expected to remain at the institution as a student.

Tracy Pierson the reports Broadus didn"t display up because that the team"s autumn camp and didn"t instantly communicate his decision to the school. Sources told Pierson the receiver began "wanting to perform his very own thing" in ~ UCLA after gift pushed right into the football spotlight by his father.

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Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports confirmed the incoming freshman"s decision to prevent playing football.

Cordell informed me yesterday that he has made decision to pursue other passions in his life - in particular his love of film with his company Film school Productions. Cordell is an remarkable young man with many talents, and also we wish him nothing but the ideal as he proceeds to pursue his degree at UCLA.

Broadus and Snoop Dogg starred in a documentary miniseries top top ESPN titled Snoop & Son, i m sorry chronicled his recruitment process. He ended up picking UCLA end several other options, consisting of USC, his dad"s favourite team.

His decision come walk away from the football ar is a surprising one. He confirm in together a 4-star prospect and also was ranked as the No. 26 wide receiver in the course of 2015, according to 247Sports" composite rankings.

An intriguing combination of size and athleticism made him a notable enhancement to the Bruins" incoming class. He required a little an ext polish in terms of route-running prior to he was going to do an impact, yet his irreversible outlook continued to be promising.


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The decision shouldn"t have actually a significant impact ~ above UCLA during the 2015 campaign. The team return its top 5 wideouts from last season, which would have led come a minimal role for Broadus. But it does make the position a contempt bigger require for the 2016 recruiting class.

There"s always time because that Broadus to do a return to football in the year ahead if he has a change of heart. Together for now, however, the sounds favor he"s all set to go in an additional direction.

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