Pink knows exactly how to get the party started. The celebrity is well-known for she bold power choices and also skilled vocals. The world learned she name as soon as she exit the party anthem, “Get the Party Started,” solidifying her future success. Pink’s career has been filled v taking risks, consisting of her personal life. Many fans remember the she proposed to her husband, Carey Hart, at among his motocross races.

Although her faithful fans can think they understand every bit about her, they could not know just how tall the singer is. Here are several facts about the performer, from her height, her genuine name, and also what she want to carry out before ending up being a singer.

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Pink performs in ~ the Billboard Music Awards | Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

Pink decided her surname from a movie

This might not come as a surprise, yet “Pink” isn’t Pink’s real name. The artist’s stage name originated from the character Mr. Pink from Quentin Tarantino‘s Reservoir Dogs. According to Hollywood, the “Try” singer stated the surname existed throughout her life.

Just rewatching the most badass opened credits shot. #ReservoirDogs

— Reservoir dog Movie (
ReservoirDogs) October 13, 2020

“It’s just a nickname that’s been following me my whole life,” the “What about Us” singer explained. “It to be a average thing at first; some children at camp traction my pants down, and also I blushed therefore much, and also they were like, ‘Haha, look in ~ her! She’s pink!’ and then the movie Reservoir Dogs came out, and also Mr. Pink to be the one with the clever mouth, for this reason it simply happened all over again.”

Despite the cruel bullying she confronted as a child, her phase name verified successful in she music career.

Pink’s genuine name is Alicia Beth Moore.

How tall Pink really is

The “So What” singer has actually two children, willow Sage and also Jameson Moon Hart. Pink spoke around the weight loss goals she had after offering birth in an Instagram post. In it, she revealed her elevation is five-foot-three.

“Would you believe I’m 160 pounds and 5’3?” Pink wrote. “By ‘regular standards,’ that renders me obese. I understand I’m not at my score or anywhere near that after infant 2, however dammit! i don’t feeling obese. The only thing I’m emotion is myself. Stay off the scale, ladies!”

Check the end my never before seen performance of "Who Knew" live indigenous Wembley Stadium! hear in 360 truth Audio on the Artist Connection app #360RA

— P!nk (
Pink) July 23, 2021

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Pink routinely promotes self-confidence to every fans. Recognized for her solid physique, the singer incorporates she workouts into her performances. Not just does she sing, yet her dance and also acrobatic skills shine onstage.

Pink was a gymnast

The “Just prefer Fire” singer once revealed to CBS Sunday Morning the she to be a gymnast for eight years. “I want to be an Olympic gymnast,” Pink recalled. “That was the first sort of dream. And then ns was kicked out of gymnastics at the period of 12, and also I chose to it is in a rockstar instead.”

As for she aerial performances, the singer referenced a Cher concert as the moment that led her to carry out acrobatics right into her concerts.

“I saw a Cher concert, and I saw all the dancers were doing these incredible silks, Pink said. “And ns was like, ‘Well, why isn’t a singer doing that? Why hasn’t a singer excellent this? Why carry out they obtain to have all the fun?’ and so Dreya Weber was one of Cher’s aerialists, and I met her and said, ‘Will friend teach me what girlfriend do? i wanna do that.’ She’s like, ‘Well, ok we’re gonna start at the jungle gym, and also you’re gonna cave upside down, and I’m gonna punch you in the stomach while friend sing because that’s what you’re gonna ultimately feel like as soon as you’re singing and if you can do this, climate I’ll begin teaching girlfriend acrobatics.”

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