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July 26, 1943



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Who is Mick Jagger?


A music idol, extensively recognised as the famous frontman and the many symbolic figure of every time in the genre of absent & role is the phenomenon recognized as Mick Jagger. The is the command vocal of famous band, The rojo Stones and also has had a job that has lasted 50 years.

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Early Accomplishments

He had great academic records growing up yet had constantly been in love v music particularly R&B and also blues. He ultimately left London institution of business economics to birth the band with his girlfriend in the early on 60s.

Best recognized For

Nothing bring him under the spotlight more than his accomplishments with The roll Stones. His unique voice and also electric layout has brought the band plenty of awards, document sales and global fame. As a solo artist, he has actually issued 4 successful albums. Together an actor, he has featured in 25 films and produced 7.

Sexual Orientation

Mick is very much renowned for his sexual notoriety. His dating history is a lengthy list the 81 ladies consisting of 2 marriages (one the which to be rendered legitimate invalid), 30 relationships, 36 encounters and 13 rumored hook-ups.


Mick and also his younger brother, musician Chris room born to Basil Fanshawe and also Eva Ensley. 

He has 8 kids including Elizabeth, Jade and also Georgia may from 5 different women. 

He also has 5 grandchildren and an ext recently, a great-granddaughter.

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Jagger has actually been whatever except worked out about spiritual beliefs. He flourished up as a good news Christian, converted to Catholicism for his wife, has been recently seen chanting Buddhism mantra and hanging out through authentic buddhism monks and also now a pro-Dawkins atheist.