BUY 2 get 1 FREE! Rarest happy Clovers obtainable in 6-leaf, 7-leaf, 8-leaf or 9-leaf. Complimentary laser engraving words or pictures on earlier of crucial ring. With Certificate.

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lucky clover – with certificate that guarantee and also exclusive gift box

Buy 2 acquire 1 totally free (LIMITED TIME)!Certificate that GuaranteeExclusive Gift BoxFree Laser engraving on Back 

Stainless steel Pendants

6-leaf Clover PendantSGD$138

PS – If you need laser engraving, fill in the type below AFTER payment by PayPal. Because that multiple items orders here, please contact us straight by WhatsApp at +6598509298 to finalize the laser engraving details.

Upload an image (JPEG) for united state to engrave for you. If you have actually multiple items to it is in engraved with various text and graphics, please call us directly.


A tiny story about Lucky Clovers

Irish folklore speak of Lady luck farming the 4-Leaf Clover in the Garden the Eden.

The 4-Leaf Clover represents a rare event of the usually 3-Leaf Clover, likewise known together the “Shamrock”. The approximate probability of a 4-Leaf Clover among the usual 3-Leaf Clovers is one in number of thousands.

For century in the West, the mystical 4-Leaf Clover has actually been connected with luck, and has been understood to lug its owner good fortune.

The four leaves represent Wealth, Health, Love & Fame.

4-Leaf Clovers space not the only feasible variation in nature, much more leaves can be found. The rarity of the occurrence is directly proportional come the number of leaves. 6-Leaf Clover, 7-Leaf Clover, 8-Leaf Clover…the much more leaf petals on a single leaf, the more sought ~ by collectors.

It is also reputed the the more leaf petals on a Clover leaf, the much more luck that leaf will bring to the human being in possession that it.

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