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There are lots of myths about male condoms. Make certain you know the facts prior to you use one.

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Myth: You have to be 18 to buy condoms. Truth: prophylactics are obtainable at any kind of age and totally free of fee from contraception clinics, Brook centres, sexual wellness (GUM) clinics and young people"s clinics. These solutions also provide confidential advice.

Find a contraception clinic near you.

Find a sexual wellness clinic near you.

You can likewise buy prophylactics from pharmacies and other shops whatever period you are.

Myth: It"s more secure if you usage 2 condoms. Truth: making use of 2 prophylactics is not better than 1 together they are much more likely to break. It"s best to only use 1 condom at a time, and put it on correctly.

Myth: prophylactics break easily. Truth: No they execute not. You simply need to placed it on carefully. Make certain there"s no air bubble at the end by squeezing the optimal as you role it down. Be careful of sharp nails, jewellery or teeth.

If the condom does no roll under all the way, it"s probably inside out.

Never shot to rotate a condom the various other way round as over there could currently be sperm ~ above the reminder (it"s occasionally released before ejaculation). Throw it away and also use a new condom.

If a condom breaks and also you"re no using any other contraception, go to a sexual health clinic, pharmacist or GP as shortly as feasible and ask about emergency contraception.

You may likewise need to gain tested for sexuallytransfer epidemic (STIs). This applies if girlfriend are having actually sex through a mrs or a man.

Myth: prophylactics are the only type of contraception I need to think about. Truth: No they"re not. Condoms can carry out protection from STIs and also unplanned pregnancy. However if you desire to avoid an unplanned pregnancy, it"s better if you and also your companion use a condom along with another type of contraception.

There are many different types of contraception, including the implant, injection, coil or the pill. It"s worth trying out all her options.

Myth: You need extra lube. Vaseline is good. Truth: No it"s not. A little bit of extra lubrication is good, yet you should not use anything with oil in it together it can dissolve the condom. That consists of baby oil, Vaseline and also hand cream. Lipstick has oil in that too.

Use a water-based lubricant. A pharmacist can provide you advice on i m sorry lube come use with condoms. You can buy lube indigenous a pharmacy or supermarket.

Myth: prophylactics cut off my circulation. Truth: No they do not. A condom should be a comfortable fit. If it"s as well tight it could split and if it"s too loose it can leak.

There space lots of different shapes and also sizes. If a condom is too small or huge for you, shot a various size or brand.

Myth: My girlfriend is on the pill, so we execute not require condoms. Truth: Yes friend do. The pill walk not protect you or your partner from STIs. Also, if your partner forgets to take it a pill, does no take it properly or is ill, the efficiency of the pill is reduced and she might still obtain pregnant.

Read more about being on the pill and having sickness or have actually diarrhoea.

Myth: If i ask to usage a condom, my partner will think less of me. Truth: Insisting that you use a condom argues that you know how to take care of yourself and your partner.

Myth: You carry out not require a condom if you"re having actually oral sex. Truth: Yes you do. You must use a condom for oral sex due to the fact that infections together as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and also herpes can be happen on though oral sex. Therefore it"s crucial to use a condom.

Myth: I execute not require a condom – I just sleep through nice people. Truth: STIs carry out not know or treatment if you"re pretty or not. The way someone looks and how lock act through you cannot tell you even if it is or no they have actually an STI. Lots that STIs carry out not have any symptoms, so you might infect each various other without even knowing it.

See more about symptom of STIs that require checking.

Myth: If it"s a condom, it"s safe.

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Truth: no necessarily – some prophylactics are not constantly safe, like novelty ones and also ones to buy from digital auction sites.

Always buy condoms from a trustworthy source. Pick ones that have actually the european CE or BSI kite mark. Likewise check that:

they are within your use-by date the seal is not damaged they room not damaged

Get an ext condom tips.