Sophia elegant Brownlee and Rosie McClelland stole America"s hearts when they were just eight and also five year old, respectively. The duo was invite to appear on The Ellen Show ~ host Ellen DeGeneres observed the 2 U.K.-based cousins" performance of Nicki Minaj"s "Super Bass" go viral. (It now has actually 57 million views.) during their first appearance on the show, the girl wore equivalent pink dresses v plenty of frills and tiaras to peak off the ensembles. Brownlee sang "Super Bass" if Rosie danced alongside her together her tiny hype woman. The cousins went back to the present a grasp of times, yet it"s most likely been awhile since you"ve checked out them. Now, they"re both teenagers and they"re tho super close. To view what the young stars look prefer now, in ~ 18 and also 15, check out on.

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In 2018, the 2 girls common their favorite moments on Ellen in respect of the talk present host"s birthday. McClelland recalled that her favorite minute was obtaining slimed in ~ the Nickelodeon Kids" choice Awards, if Brownlee"s was when DeGeneres surprised the pair through wigs once Minaj was on the show.

When it was revealed that DeGeneres" display was ending, McClelland speak to Australia"s Today Extra about the announcement. "She"s been doing it because that such a lengthy time. She started before I was even born!" she said. "I kind of gain where she"s coming from, why she desires to end the show. She desires to have actually a little bit of a change."

Since your time ~ above the show, the pair has been busy. In 2013, the cousins released a book together titled Tea Time v Sophia Grace and also Rosie. The complying with year, the duo starred in their very own movie, Sophia grace & Rosie"s imperial Adventure.

On Sept. 9, McClelland mutual a carousel of photos of herself v Brownlee in respect of her own 15th birthday. "15 and 18, exactly how did that happen?" McClelland composed in the caption. "Together since I to be born, traveled the world together, never had actually a solitary argument and still by each other"s side!"

McClelland asserted her love for Brownlee and thanked she cousin for spending the day v her and the birthday current she brought. She also included that the two have "big points to come" that she can"t wait to share with her followers.

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McClelland could have been more of the sidekick during Brownlee"s performances top top Ellen, however she has because come right into her own and also released her own music. She songs have actually garnered hundreds of thousands the streams ~ above Spotify and her height hits encompass "Handstand," "Girls," "Tik Tok," and also "La La." She has actually a loyal adhering to of an ext than 670,000 civilization on Instagram and an ext than 140,000 ~ above Tik Tok.

And she recently hinted the there is more to come from she soon. On she birthday, she shared another post that said she"s "so excited for the next year," teasing that there will certainly be new music and TV appearances in she future and a project she can"t reveal simply yet.

Brownlee additionally released her very own music—her greatest song, "Girl in the Mirror," has actually been streamed more than 13 million time on Spotify. She"s famed for her existence on YouTube, wherein she has much more than 3 million followers and posts videos of she shopping hauls and also makeup skills.

Brownlee is additionally a young businesswoman, having started the loungewear clothing firm LoLoLondon.

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"I"m actually fairly proud of mine past since it"s just how I came to be who ns am today," Brownlee said in a 2019 YouTube video clip of how she to be discovered. "Thanks to the Ellen show as well, because they really aided me a lot of to end up being who ns am."

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