Knocked Up? Lil Mama seems To announcement She’s PREGNANT — however Is She Being tiktok Trolled by A side Chick???

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Actress and rapper Lil Mama aka Niatia Kirkland is sparking pregnant rumors. Pan think the 31-year-old star is at this time expecting a infant after posting and also deleting a mysterious picture featuring what looks choose her bulging belly. Lil Mama make the short article last night, obtaining hundreds that likes prior to it to be removed. In the flick, Lil Mama is flipping the bird and her stomach seems to be vast under her hoody.

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Along with the controversial photo, Lil Mama common a cryptic message about “internet thugz” in her IG story. Possibly it’s a clue come piece all of this pregnancy speak together? The rumored mother-to-be wrote:

One of these days this social apps gonna glitch & expose the ar of you pu**ies that get freaky wit yah finger tips & its gone be up reason 98.7% that y’all i know well hop thugz is a** n that sh*t is frustrating.

See the article below, reshared by Hollywood Unlocked.

As we pointed out before, we can’t check anything but fans are trying to piece together hints as it comes to Lil Mama and this “pregnancy” rumor. Some seem to think Lil Mama deleting she post and also staying quiet about the news has a lot to perform with another woman.

A tik user named Sahida has seemingly put her ex top top blast for dating the star. In a clip, she shared a video of her unnamed ex and screenshots of him with Lil Mama. The woman likewise shared current videos v the same “ex”, seemingly suggesting they room together also as Lil Mama is accused knocked increase by him. Yikes!

Could Sahida’s “boo” be the rapper’s baby’s daddy?

This isn’t the very first time Sahida has actually taunted Lil Mama around the man in question. Means back in September, she posted another video clip seemingly showing herself cuddled up in bed with the rapper’s boyfriend.

“Girlfriend? Actually, how around we tell her…,” Sahida states in the video.

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After the video clip racked increase views, Lil Mama hopped in TheShadeRoom’s comments and also wrote “FOH.”

So far Lil Mama hasn’t shown or refuse she’s expecting a baby at all. What perform YOU think this every means?

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