In 2010, the Venezuelan popular music pair winner a Latin Grammy for ideal Urban Album because that Mi Niña Bonita.

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Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez was born top top November 15, 1984 in La Guaira, Venezuela. 

Miranda is component of the Chino y Nacho popular music duo through Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti, recognized as Nacho. 

Miranda was connected in many different gigs farming up such together Scala 1, Censura C, Generación "S" (a Venezuelan fact show) and also Calle Ciega (a Venezuelan boy band).

Since Chino y Nacho’s development in 2007, the duo have had many hit including Mi Niña Bonita, Tu Angelito, Lo Que No Sabés Tú, El Poeta, Regálame Un Muac, Bebé Bonita, "Me Voy Enamorando" (Remix v Farruko) and Andas En Mi Cabeza (featuring dad Yankee). 

Their Radio Universo tour featured end 80 concerts around the civilization including Madison Square Garden and American airlines Arena.

Chino y Nacho’s manager announced the duo’s separation in in march 2017.

"Everything began here, everything ended here and here every little thing starts again,” was created under a photograph of Chino. 

Miranda walk on in a solo career, transforming his name from Chino to Chyno for legal issues.

The live event was organized at the Watsco facility in MiamiCredit: Getty

What occurred to Chino indigenous Chino y Nacho?

On Thursday, July 22, 2021, the musical duo reunited at the 18th annual Premios Juventud ceremony.

The pair carry out a variety of their songs starting with Andas en Mi Cabeza, adhered to by Me Voy Enamorando and their best hit Mi Niña Bonita.

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According come Billboard, the “emotional performance” was a “highly anticipated reunion” and “marks Miranda's return to the stage after battling COVID-19 and also the after-effects that caused serious health complications.”

The live occasion was hosted at the Watsco center in Miami, which likewise featured performances from Karol G, Grupo Firme, Myke Towers, Tini and also many others.

Did Chino get Covid-19?

According come Billboard, the “emotional performance” was a “highly suspect reunion” and “marks Miranda's return to the stage after battling Covid-19 and also the consequences that brought about serious health and wellness complications.”



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Miranda posted an Instagram video clip on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 discussing his Covid-19 journey, which “compromised his concerned system” and also then ended up being “diagnosed with the disorder peripheral neuropathy.”

"I desire you to understand that his process has been yes, really hard and I am hurt and concerned however I want my fans to recognize that I'm right here to have actually a conversation v them," that said. 

"I desire them to know the truth. And also for lock to know that I'm still functioning on new music. Ns love girlfriend all."