A burger King in Ohio post a sign at your drive thru speak they will hire 14 and 15 year olds, and people on society media are supposedly outraged.

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There is an obvious shortage of quick food workers across the country.

Restaurants close to where i live have even posted signs that they are just using the journey thru, or castle are totally closed on specific days, since they merely don’t have actually the workforce come cover the requirements of the restaurant.



Many restaurants are DESPERATE to rental employees, placing up indications in former of their stores and even posting on facebook, begging civilization to come job-related for them.


In Ohio, teenagers are permitted to job-related as young as 14.

Don’t issue — labor regulations in the state that Ohio room still taking treatment of them, limiting the amount of hours and also the species of jobs that they deserve to work.


Burger King was simply letting people know that, if their youngsters WANTED employment, they would be happy to hire them top top for component time work.

I, personally, don’t see what all the freaking out on social media is about.

It’s not favor Burger King is demanding boy labor.

They are simply making people mindful of the truth that lock are allowed to rental at 14 years old.

Man, i remember as soon as I to be 15 — I wanted a project SO badly!!

I even wrote come the state the Texas, and got a work-related permit.

Six Flags over Texas hired me best up at 15, and nobody believed anything about it — I want a job, and my parents agreed I could get one, so ns did.

I had, what girlfriend call, a work-related ethic — perhaps you have heard of that — world in the olden work were meant to have actually one as soon as they entered their jobs.

In Ohio, once a teenager reaches 16 and 17 year olds, they deserve to work in ~ an even more comprehensive range of work than the 14 and also 15 year olds can work.

The necessity is that, at such a young age, they aren’t enabled to carry out what is “explicitly understood to be as well hazardous.”

So, if a son WANTS come work, and also the parents say it’s okay, lock are permitted to work-related — maybe world don’t agree with it, yet it’s the law.

They aren’t being forced to work — but they are permitted to work.

Ohio also goes as far as requiring the the boy be in school!

Ohio kid labor legislations require any youth who room of compulsory school age to obtain an er and schooling certificate before they may be employed and also an employer might not rental a youth without an initial obtaining a the youth’s age and also schooling certificate.

Employment legislation Handbook

While the youngsters are in school, 14 and 15 year olds can’t work much more than 3 hours during the institution week.

The preferably work hours they can work ~ above the weekends is capped in ~ 8 hours.

Also, the total variety of hours they have the right to work per week is 18 hours.

The law also has details requirements for division — they have actually to acquire a 30 minute rest after working 5 hours.

Don’t concern — Ohio has the best interest that the adolescents at heart!!

So, burgess King isn’t do the efforts to damage the adolescents — lock are merely OFFERING lock the chance to come and also work at their restaurant.

I would certainly have completely jumped at that once I was a kid.

Look, I started out, in ~ 15 year old, do $3.85 one hour.

These children are going come be paid the going price for minimum fairy — which is $8.70 an hour.

These young children are going to make bank at an early age!!

Just imagine — they have the right to start saving up for a car, they have the right to put money back toward college, they have the right to go shopping and also spend their very own money top top things!!

What perform you think? Is this exploiting children? Is this a bad practice? Is it good for those teens that want to work?

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Well due to the fact that $3.85 in 1990 money is currently worth $7.87, ns wouldn’t exactly describe minimum wage as “making bank” for a human of any type of age. Audit for inflation it’s less than a dollar much more per hour than world with such a great work ethic made once they to be kids. Nothing patronize world by comparing salaries from 30 years earlier like they’re getting some kind of deal.

To each their own. If they desire to and also it"s cool through their parents,go because that it. They"d be out doing something good instead of getting into trouble and earning responsibility early on in life!

I think civilization are ridiculous! many states permit kids to occupational at 14 some also 13. That all depends on the job and also it"s absolutely NOT son labor. They are defended by the laws. Ns went to work at 14 because that sonic. It to be legal and I do $1.80/hr!that to be by much not the minimum wage however they got about that by saying us "could" acquire tips. Ago then lock didn"t need to prove it. Simply say it. Ns think in the whole year I functioned there I could have gotten $10 in tips. Lol before I operated at sonic I constantly had some sort of job from age 7 on. I sold things door to door. I functioned in the school cafeteria from first our second grade. I baby-sat. And other together jobs. Sure never, ever was bored. Lol

I started working in ~ 8 year old on mine family"s farm. Ns was cutting lumber for our wood burner, helping through animals, bailing hay. You name it. When I turned 15 I gained my very own job at a pizza place. Yes sir nothing wrong through this at all.

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I nothing think there’s a difficulty we all offered to occupational when we were the age; grocery stores, restaurants, babysitting,etc. It offers a kid a feeling of responsibility and they would appreciate things more when to buy it because that them self.