You might be thinking around getting your belly switch pierced but haven’t take away the plunge since you don’t know where to start. Here’s all the details you need to understand so that you are well-informed and also feel confident when you finally pierce your ship button.

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You"re getting your navel pierced, here"s what you need to know:


The standard dimension for a navel piercing is 14 Gauge (aka 14G). You should never usage a barbell thinner than 18G because a greater gauged needle presents an ext risk of rejection, tearing, and also migration.The length of your very first barbell will most likely be 7/16-inch to enable for extra room for her piercings come heal and be conveniently cleaned. Girlfriend can change the dimension later. (Belly button piercings virtually always usage 7/16-inch or 3/8-inch jewelry.)During healing, safeguard your navel piercing from being snagged on clothing, irritated from friction, or injured throughout physical sporting activities and tasks with this straightforward tip: acquire a vented eye spot of difficult plastic (found at many pharmacies), and secure that over her piercing utilizing an elastic bandage favor an ankle wrap.

Your piercing is healed. Time come shop because that a new belly ring!

You complied with all the advice, and you’re fully healed. Currently for the funny part: shopping because that jewelry come adorn her awesome navel piercing! Remember as soon as we talked about sexy body jewelry sizes? It’s still important. You desire to look for 14G navel piercing jewelry with a barbell size of 3/8" (standard) or 7/16" (longer).

Our belly switch rings space made native solid 14k gold. Our yellow is nickel-free, together nickel is generally the metal that people with steel allergies reaction to. The reason we select gold, platinum, or titanium together our steels of preference for your belly piercing is the these materials are much more pure and also tend to have actually fewer additives the your body can react to.

Cost considerations: if you desire a healthy and balanced belly piercing and also love the watch of quality body jewelry, climate you might want come invest in a gold belly button ring. 

Important: Be mindful that also though you’re going to want to adorn your belly switch with gorgeous, sparkly, dangle jewelry every the time, it’s finest to wear basic jewelry for the bulk of the time. This way that you need to stick to simple, non-dangle curved barbells or CBRs (hoops) make of high quality titanium or gold with minimal adornment. Conserve your sophisticated chandeliers and also dangle belly button rings for day undertake or one-of-a-kind occasions. Every little thing you do, nothing sleep in intricate navel rings. This preserves your piercing, keeping it from obtaining irritated, and also keeps your jewelry in an excellent shape.

Belly button Jewelry Styles


Curved Barbell

The many common kind of navel jewelry, this functional look come in a huge selection of styles.


Non-Dangle belly Rings

These belly rings range from basic to fabulous. Make from a range of materials, they deserve to be adorned with sparkling gemstones, elaborate designs, etc. They are no much less stunning than their dangling counterpart. The more basic the these piece are good for day-to-day wear.


Dangle Belly button Rings

Similar come the non-dangle ship rings, they have actually one difference: interesting charms that move about when you wear them. Again, castle can range from simple to elaborate. 


Reverse or Top-Down ship Rings

Reverse belly button rings, also known together top-down ship rings, space a stylish trend in navel piercing jewelry. Unlike regular dangle belly rings, the charm hangs from the optimal of your navel under over your ship button enabling for much more flexibility and a an extremely sexy look. They selection from basic and elegant to more elaborate and also intricate designs.


Twister Spiral ship Rings

The name of these ship rings states it all. They room a twisted spiral the you thread through your piercing and also secure with a screw-on ball. They come in a range of lengths. Friend can also wear smaller twist jewelry in other areas of the body, such together the ear, lip, nipple and eyebrow.


Captive Bead ring / circular Barbells

These hoops are good for one understated, an easy look.

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Diamond Belly button Rings

No other rock will sparkle as lot as a genuine diamond belly ring. If you"re looking to get a belly ring that will certainly last you a lifetime, climate it"s worth investing in a piece that you will never want to take off. Us have many beautiful and also affordable styles to choose from.