A fall blizzard continued to hammer eastern and main North Dakota so late this week and also some areas have reported staggering quantities of snowfall.

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Snow started accumulating in towns throughout North Dakota Thursday morning together storm occurred over the state. More than 48 hours later, some locations are reporting more than 2 feet that snow.

According come the nationwide Weather Service, few of the spots reporting comprehensive snow as of Saturday morning included:

near Harvey, 30 inches

Harvey, 27 inches

Fessenden, 27 inches

Langdon 27 inches

Pisek area, 25 inches

Near Devils Lake, 24 inches

Maddock, 24 inches

Adams, 20 inches

Northwood, 17 inches

Jamestown, 17 inches

Near Bismarck, 13 inches

Near Larimore, 13 inches

Grand Forks Air pressure Base, 12 iinches

Near valley City, 11.5 inches

Hillsboro, 10 inches

Grand Forks, 7. 3 inches

Minot, 6 inches

Fargo, 3.3 inches together of Friday night

The stormy weather was supposed to taper off Saturday.

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More snowfall totals have the right to be discovered here top top the weather organization website.

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so late this week and some locations have report staggering quantities of snowfall.

Snow started accumulating in towns throughout North Dakota Thursday morning as

. More than 48 hrs later, some locations are reporting much more than 2 feet of snow.

according to the national Weather Service, few of the clues reporting substantial snow together of Saturday morning included:

The stormy weather was intended to taper off Saturday.

more snowfall totals deserve to be found


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