a normal 5th grade girl should means 90-75 lb. If top top the smaller side of the household you need to weigh 70-60.Boys should means the exact same as girls.Since castle are only a child. If smaller sized boy he should weigh 70-60 lb.a normal fifth grade should weigh 90 to 110I am in the fifth grade and I sweet 90 pounds. The is average. If girlfriend weigh much less then that you should be yes, really skinny. Ns am skinny yet i am very tall for a 11 year old. So 90 pounds is just how much you must weigh if you are tall.

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My name is anonymous.A skinny 5th grader girl would be anywhere between 68-75 lbs.

Standard sized 5th grader girl it is in anywhere in between 76-85 lbs.

And a chunky sized 5th grader girl would certainly be anywhere in between 86-110lbs.

A skinny fifth grader boy would be anywhere between 65-80 lbs.

Standard sized 5th grader boy be anywhere in between 81-95.

And a chunky sized fifth grader boy would certainly be anywhere in between 96-105 lbs.

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Boys have tendency to means a bit less then girls, however that is not always true.

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