Shar Jackson network Worth 2021: Wiki Biography, Married, Family, Measurements, Height, Salary, Relationships

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Sharisse Jackson network worth is
$1.5 Million

Sharisse Jackson Wiki Biography

Sharisse Jackson, born top top the 31st of August, 1976, is one American actress and also singer who came to be famous for her display “Moesha”.

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So just how much is Jackson’s wealth? together of early on 2016, her reported net worth is $1.5 million follow to sources, gained mostly from years of modelling, acting, and also now controlling her daughter’s career.

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Jackson’s career started at the tender period of 3 years. Trained under the Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble, and also then she began modelling for names like Barbizon, Ubiquitous and also John Robert Powers.

Shar Jackson network Worth $1.5 Million

At the period of 11 she decided to focus exclusively on acting, and also with the aid of mentor Bob Feldman, jobs started to to water in. She showed up in various television shows favor “Roc”, “My So-Called Life”, “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and “The Steve Harvey Show”. Slowly, these guest appearances started to build her name and also her net worth. Once she turned 13, she additionally made a task of she own, in which she wrote, produced and directed her very own school film. Her initiatives were known by the directors Guild the America providing her an award of Distinction.

While being active on the small screen, Jackson likewise starred in part movies choose “Boom Box”, “Grand Avenue”, and “CB4”. However, her big break came as soon as she was cast for the show “Moesha” in i beg your pardon she play the lead character’s best friend and also roommate Niecy Jackson. The display made Jackson a family members name, catapulting her to major success, and certainly increasing her network worth.

With this effective show, she was also led to execute the hit movie “Good Burger”, v Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. After that she starred in movies choose “Love and also Basketball”, “Steppin: The Movie” and also “I Do… ns Did”, through her network worth rising steadily.

Aside indigenous her exhilaration prowess, Jackson is also a very talented singer; she was part of a to sing group referred to as “Mpulz”, and also then became part of MTV’s Celebrity lab Superstar in 2007, in which she was called the ‘Last Celebrity Standing’, beating playboy rabbit Kendra Wilkinson. Jackson has also had her fair re-publishing of reality shows once she became component of the show “The Ex-Wives Club” in 2007 v Marla Maples and Angie Everhart, and in “Celebrity right Club: boot Camp”. She appearances in reality shows have likewise contributed to she popularity and net worth.

In 2005, Jackson started a foundation named “S.H.A.R.”, which represents Sharing, Helping, and Reconciling Lives. The goal of her structure is to encourage rather to revolve their unfortunate events into empowering ones.

In terms of her personal life, Jackson has 4 children. She eldest child Donnie and also daughter Cassie space from her connection in high school. Later, she was involved to Kevin Federline, v whom she has actually a daughter named Kori Madison and son Kaleb Jackson, but after 3 years the two broke up in 2004 – their separation caused major headlines when Federline started a connection with popular music star Britney Spears, appropriate after your break up. Shar is right now single.

Today, Jackson is busy regulating the career of she daughter Cassie and also their group “Pulse” and also is appearing on the television show “Hollywood Divas”.

Net Worth$1.5 Million
Date of BirthAugust 31, 1976
Place of BirthBoston, Massachusetts, U.S.
ProfessionActress, Producer
EducationAl Fann Theatrical Ensemble,
ChildrenKori Madison Federline, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline
PartnerKevin Federline‎ (2001–2004)
AwardsYoung Artist Awards - award of difference (1994)
AlbumsCeltic Tales, afri Mistery
Music GroupsMpulz
MoviesAs long as I"m famed (2017), One Blood (2012), Blood results (2011), The Fish (2009), Steppin: The Movie, ns Do... Ns Did! (2009)
TV ShowsAccording come Him + she (2014), Moesha (1996-2001), mine So-Called Life (1994-1995), Hangin’ through Mr. Cooper (1993-1995),The Steve Harvey Show, The Ex-Wives club (2007), Hollywood Divas

1Competed in and also won MTV"s Celebrity laboratory Superstar (2007).
2Appeared in the infomercial, hosted by Jack LaLanne, Elaine LaLanne and Carol Alt, because that "The Jack LaLanne strength Juicer Pro". <2007>
3Appeared in the infomercial, hosted by Jack LaLanne, Elaine LaLanne and Forbes Riley, because that "The Jack LaLanne power Juicer". <2006>
4Gave bear to her fourth child at period 27, a boy Kaleb Michael Jackson-Federline ~ above July 20, 2004. Child"s father is her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Federline.
5Gave bear to her 3rd child at age 25, a daughter Kori Madison Federline top top July 31, 2002. Child"s dad is her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Federline.
6Gave bear to her second child at age 18, daughter Cassie Jackson, in June 1995. Child"s father is she ex-boyfriend.
7Gave birth to her 1st child at age 17, a son Donnie in October 1993. Child"s father is she ex-boyfriend.
8She is of aboriginal American (specifically Cherokee) and also German descent, and also is additionally of Puerto Rican and also African American descent.
9Has a bachelor"s degree in Psychology and also a Master"s degree in Forensic Science. She dream to be to come to be a Crime scene Investigator yet continued v her acting career after ~ she uncovered she had a are afraid of dead bodies.

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10Her 2 youngest children, Kori and Kaleb now have Britney Spears together a step-mother as soon as their father, Kevin Federline married Spears in September 2004.