Robin Meade is a news anchor that is known for hosting the present “Morning Express through Robin Meade “. This show is broadcasted ~ above HLN channel. This news reporter is also a former Miss Ohio; she began her job in journalism in 2001, as soon as she visited HLN channel. She is one of the multi talented celebrities, she not only does journalism yet she also sings. She released a music album in 2011. Meade released an additional music album in 2013. Moreover, she has even won an Emmy Award.

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Age: how Old Is Robin Meade?

Robin is 48 years old together she was born top top 1969. She has achieved many achievements in she life and is now living a happy life with her husband. Native being miss out on Ohio to being among the many inspirational journalists in the world, she has a led bright career.

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Robin Meade net Worth and also Salary

Robin Meade is among the many successful news anchors and also journalist the America. She is likewise a singer and also has been miss Ohio in past. The network worth of Robin is $4.5 million and her annual salary is around $750 thousand. The is feasible that she soon rise her network worth come $8 million.

Robin Meade Husband and also Married Life

Meade is married come Tim Yeager. This pair got married in 6th of November 1993. Robin and Tim space leading a an extremely happy married life and there room no well-known feuds in between them. Tim is the chief of the Peace and Justice committee and is also an ex-member of grace Church. He is a treasurer and secretary fo the UAW regional 2320 Chicago. Tim Yeager is rather rich and also his network worth is $4.5 million i beg your pardon is very good. His salary is $400,000 per annum.


Robin Meade married her husband Tim Yeager in 1993


Robin Meade to be born in new London top top 21st that April 1969. For she education, she saw the brand-new London High college situated in Ohio. After this, she checked out Malone university for she graduation. She additionally went to Ashland college majoring in the ar of radio and also television production with programming and performance. Her minor was political science. In 1991, Meade perfect her studies majoring in programming and performance.

After the perfect of she education, she winner a beauty beauty pageant and was crowned miss out on Ohio 1992. She also went come the semi-finals of the miss America pageant she lost.

Robin Meade’s broadcasting job started once she began reporting because that WMFD-TV which was based in Mansfield. She later on moved to Columbus in Ohio while working for WMFD-TV. After part time, she went to Miami, joined WSVN-TV, and anchored the present Today “Today in Florida”. Robin Meade operated hard at WSVN-TV terminal for a far-ranging amount the time and after that she functioned for WMAQ-TV (a NBC Chicago affiliate). She got a golden opportunity to enhance her career once she was asked come cover 1996 Olympics.

All the battle that she did back then gave her money and also experience to end up being successful and now she hosts her own program.

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