Aside from gift the members that the G3 alongside john Petrucci, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai have a deeper relationship. Back in 1973, once Vai was just 13 years old, the met Satriani and started come take etc lessons native him. Follow to his countless interviews, through each lesson, Vai became an ext and much more obsessed v Satriani’s practice routine and also discipline.

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Last month, Steve provided an interview to ‘Striking A Chord Podcast’ and also recalled studying under Satriani’s supervision once he to be young. Vai stated that at any time he was in Joe’s room to practice together, there would constantly be a feeling of greatness i beg your pardon is what made that an remarkable teacher.

Steve likewise mentioned that he and Joe had the same music concept teacher in high school and also Joe was the one who showed him exactly how to actually use it come the guitar. Because those days, the duo has actually shared the phase in countless live events throughout G3’s tours, traveling almost everywhere the people from 1996 come 2018.

Joe Satriani network Worth $12 Million


Joe Satriani is taken into consideration to be among the many talented guitar players of the century. He to be born in new York, is the Italian descent, and also started his music career with a band called Squares with whom he tape-recorded his first album named ‘Not of This Earth’ in 1986. After ~ releasing his 2nd album ‘Surfin v The Alien’ in 1987, which was his an initial all-instrumental album, he got the ‘Outstanding Guitarist’ award from the only Area Music Awards.

During his 50-years-long career, Joe became a Grammy nominee fifteen time in the group ‘Best Rock important Performance’ yet unfortunately, he never won. Follow to the main numbers the the academy, Satriani has the fourth-most Grammy award nominations there is no winning. Joe has released fourteen studio albums to this day and also he is among the richest guitarists that the era with a network worth that $12 Million.

Steve Vai net Worth $15 Million


The Carle Place, new York-based guitarist Steve Vai to be born in 1960, and just like Satriani, he’s a descendant of Italian immigrants. He met music after beginning to play the piano as soon as he was 5 year old and a year later, that started acquiring guitar lessons. According to many of the sources, his career in reality started as soon as he sent out the notated transcription of ‘The black color Page’ come Frank Zappa.

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In his long-lived career, the has worked with plenty of legends prefer David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Billy Sheehan, and his teacher Joe Satriani. Just like Joe, he was nominated because that a Grammy award fifteen times and managed to get the compensation in assorted categories. Follow to the recent reports, Steve is approximated to have a network worth that $15 million by selling over fifteen million album copies worldwide.