All around Kendra Wilkinson Ex-Husband Hank Baskett | network Worth, Relationship, Career, Stats, & Family


Henry Randall Baskett III, as in Hank Baskett, is a former football player as a vast receiver that played for the Philadelphia Eagles indigenous 2006 to 2009. He is additionally a producer and also actor, notably famous for Supermoms (2012), All American Christmas Carol (2013), and The Hungover Games (2014).

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How lot Is Hank Baskett network Worth? job & Stats 

As that 2021, Hank Baskett’s net worth is $3.5 million.

As per the CelebrityNetWorth, his yearly salary is around $800 thousand. He has actually garnered many of the money from his days as a experienced football player and also actor the relatively popular fact shows.

His job is most notable as a professional football player. This career of his started as soon as he an initial played in the team of the college he to be attending. V his fair play transparent the gamings he played v that team, that signed with the Minnesota Vikings as a rookie undrafted complimentary agent in 2006 and also was traded to Philadelphia Eagles.

While in Philadelphia Eagles, he play 16 gamings for the team and also scored 22 receptions. In a 2006 match against Dallas Cowboys, he had actually 112 receiving yards and one touchdown. In the very same week, in a game versus Atlanta Falcons, he had 117 receiving yards and also one touchdown. Both of this performances carried him the rookie that the main honors. 

In the 2007 season, he played 16 games and also had 16 receptions v an average of 8.9 yards per reception, called the 2007 distinct team's Most valuable Player (MVP). The complying with season, he had actually 33 receptions in 15 gamings averaging 13.3 yards per reception. In 2009, he played a single game for the team before getting released on 23 February 2009.

He climate joined the Indianapolis Colts, because that whom he had 4 receptions in 11 gamings with an median of 7 yards every reception. V his quick appearance in the Indianapolis Colts, he to be released indigenous there, which lead him to sign up with the Philadelphia Eagles again in march 2010. However he to be released native there also on 21 September 2010. The very next day, he signed a contract v Minnesota Vikings when again. He scored one reception in a single game because that the team.

Apart from together professionalism in his football career, he is a TV personality together well. The starred in the popular TV reality display ‘Kendra,’ which recorded his ex-wife’s life. The collection became a substantial success. Along with these reality shows, he additionally appeared in the movies All American Christmas Carol (2013) and The Hungover Games (2014).

In 2018, ~ his divorce native Kendra Wilkinson, the former pair put increase their previous Calabasas’s marital home on the market for $2.495 million, which lock bought in 2011 because that $1.6 million.

Hank Baskett connection With Ex-Wife Kendra Wilkinson

Hank Baskett tied the knot v a design Kendra Wilkinson on 27 June 2009. They had such a beautiful wedding ceremony the both the mother and also grandmother that Kendra were in awe.


The pair had their honeymoon in St. Lucia, as their first child was additionally on the way. The couple had a son, so quickly after marriage, named Henry Randall “Hank” Baskett IV ~ above 11 December 2009. Kendra then provided birth to a baby girl called Alijah mar Baskett top top 16 might 2014.

It was approximately the time of her appearance in the truth TV display ‘Kendra’ once Hank got involved to Kendra, and also the contents of the present was around their life together.

 However, their blissful married life did no last long when news come breaking out with a shocking headline of the sex scandal of Hank Baskett with a transgender model in 2014 if his mam Kendra Wilkinson to be eight month pregnant.

Hank Baskett was shaken increase after listening this news as it was choose a trauma for him come remember the day when he met the transgender woman. He was a solid man to save his family members from nearly anything, yet he couldn’t protect himself. He said that he had actually frozen up during that shocking incident.

 And as soon as this sex scandal got to his wife, Kendra, she walk ballistic. She flushed her wedding ring under the toilet and also kicked Baskett out v a danger to divorce due to her uncontrollable emotions. 

The news broke in April 2018 that Kendra and Hank called it quits. They were separated after 1 January 2018, follow to their divorce file.

Who Is Hank Baskett?

Hank Baskett is currently 38 years old, follow to his birth date, 4 September 1982. He was born in Clovis, new Mexico, to the couple of his father, Hank Baskett, Jr., and also his mother, Judy Baskett. He likewise has a sibling named Randy Curtis.

His height is 6’ 4”, and also he weighs around 220 lbs.

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He perfect his high school in Clovis, new Mexico. After ~ that, he attended the university of brand-new Mexico and was drafted to the All-Mountain West Conference team throughout his senior season. The is additionally the one who recorded touchdown overcome from Donovan McNabb while play the Eagles.