Celebrated Name:Clyde Drexler
Real Name/Full Name:Clyde Austin Drexler
Age:59 year old
Birth Date:22nd June 1962
Birth Place:New Orleans, Louisiana
Height:6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m)
Weight:95 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Gaynell (m.1988; div.2011), Tonya (m.2014)
Children/Kids (Son and also Daughter):Yes (Erica, Austin, Elise, and Adam)
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Is Clyde Drexler Gay?:No
Profession:Basketball player
Net precious in 2021:$28 million
Last Updated:October 2021

Clyde Austin Drexler is a previous basketball player whose nationality is American. His nickname in the ar was Clyde the Glide. He has actually played with a variety of teams, consisting of the national Basketball combination (NBA), whereby he played for 15 seasons. He has also played with Portland follow Blazers and also Houston Rockets. He has received plenty of awards and also has to be named among the 50 biggest players in NBA history. That later came to be a color commentator for Houston Rockets.

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Maybe friend know about Clyde Drexler really well, however do friend know just how old and also tall is he and also what is his network worth in 2021? If you carry out not know, we have prepared this article about details of Clyde Drexler’s brief biography-wiki, career, skilled life, an individual life, today’s network worth, age, height, weight, and much more facts. Well, if she ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

Clyde Drexler to be born top top 22 June 1962 in brand-new Orleans, Louisiana. His mommy was Eunice Scott, and he also had three various other siblings, a brother and also two sisters whose names space James, Denise, and also Virginia. His family members later relocated to southern Park, Houston, in Texas. His household owned a restaurant dubbed Drexler’s human being Famous BBQ & Grill, which currently managed by his various other siblings.

He to visit Ross Sterling High School, wherein he to be schooling with the famed tennis player Zina Garrison. By this time, he was a baseball player, and he want to shot out basketball yet did no succeed. He later on attended the college of Houston, by which his talent was noticed by the college coaches. His friend Michael Young presented him to brand-new Mexico State University, Texas technology University, and also the university of Houston, whereby they were both rental to beat basketball. At his university-level, he specialty in finance and used to at a bank.

Personal Life

Clyde has married at least three times in his life and has four children. In his very first marriage, he had actually one child referred to as Erica. He married his wife Gaynell ~ above 30th December 1988, whereby they had actually three children; Austin, Elise, and Adam. The couple later divorce in 2011 after they had an extensive disagreements. The married his 2nd wife, Tonya, in 2014 and also have to be together since then.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born ~ above 22nd June 1962, Clyde Drexler is 59 year old together of today’s date 24th October 2021. His height is 2.01 m tall, and his weight is 95 kg.


Clyde began his career in addition to Young as soon as there in their college education. Castle played because that the school team and likewise other groups outside. This team acquired national fist from their miscellaneous wins. Clyde was moved from fifty percent court come tomahawk. The team, however, did no make it to the final champion together it was overtaken by north Carolina in the 1982 match.

In the 1982-83 match, they won again and also were ranked together no one followed by Louisville. He did not make it in the championship game, i m sorry was collection against phibìc Carolina, which made him shed the game. That later made decision to leave the Houston team and joined the NBA draft.

In the NBA, Drexler was liked by Portland follow Blazers, wherein he led them to a variety of wins approximately the finals. He joined Houston Rockets top top 14th February 1995 after Portland Blazers permitted him to do so. That played with Houston till his retirement.

Awards & Achievements

Clyde has actually received plenty of awards native his career. He winner ten time NBA All-Star and additionally won the NBA Championship in 1995. He also won a yellow medal in 1992 at the United says Olympic team. He has additionally been called twice in the Naismith Memorial Basketball room of Fame, one in 2004 and the various other one in 2010.

Net precious & salary of Clyde Drexler in 2021

Clyde Drexler network Worth

As of October 2021, Clyde has an approximated net precious of $28 million. That has got most that his earnings from his basketball profession. He has actually been play with numerous different teams and received plenty of awards. Being among the famous basketball players, that has also appeared in a variety of television shows, i m sorry have added greatly to his total net worth.

He has also participated in writing the book Clyde Drexler: Clyde, the overview and also the children’s book Shrews, can’t Hoop. This, together well, has added to his income. That has additionally invested in actual estate and usually manages his very own Drexler Holdings LLC. The has likewise worked as a coach for a university basketball team.

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Clyde Drexler has substantially excelled in his career due to the dedication and hard job-related he had actually towards his career. He always did his best, which do him be popular. That has constantly remained positive and also would go for his dreams no issue what. This has actually made him be named amongst the most popular civilization who have actually played basketball over the years.