HelloThat is a Marlin version 336C .30-30 carbine that days from 1976. It actually is a 336C, even though that is not marked as such on the barrel. The C stands for carbine and also at the time Marlin to be making just two variants that the model 336, the C and also the A. The 336A to be a rifle with a 24" barrel. Both the rifle and carbine were easily accessible in .30-30, .32 Winchester Special and also .35 Remington.Yours is in height condition and would market for around $450.Regards,JP

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I was offered $250. I inherited about 40 firearms and most the others to be not kept in as an excellent condition together this marlin. I"m hoping to keep most of them since they"re the just things that were passed down to me. I"m glad I discovered this board. The members below are for this reason helpful and also knowledgeable.

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Thanks because that responding.

$250 for the rifle is means out of line.

On the really low end I think its precious at the very least $350 because that sure. (Which is if it to be my rifle and also I had actually a an excellent friend who I want to offer the rifle come is what I would certainly let it go to them for - best buddy price