On this page we will certainly talk about everything concerning the 50 cent euro coin. We’ll discover together what room the rare 50 cents, the typical coins and also the unobtainable editions. At the end we will likewise take a look in ~ the 50 cent coins of the old italian lira.

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50 cent 2007

I’ll ask girlfriend a question to get started:

Have you ever had a 50-cent coin that 2007 in your hands ?

One could instinctively say: “yes, it might be!”

The exactly answer, ns am i m really sorry to say, is: “Almost certainly NEVER!”

Let’s find out why…

50 cent euro 2007

The 50 cent euro coin was produced in 2007 and also 4,994,490 copies to be produced.

If we look at the circulation the the coin, it deserve to be checked out that they room not thus rare 50 cents, however it is taken into consideration one of the most challenging coins to uncover in circulation.

Most the the 50 cent coins in our pockets space from 2002. Recognize one in 2007 has end up being a actual mission for countless Italian and also foreign Numismatics.

But how is it possible that a coin v a very high circulation is so daunting to find?

The assumptions of fans are different:

Someone claims that it is since of the uneven circulation on Italian region (distributed only in particular areas).Others say the they have actually not yet been distributed and also that they will certainly come the end sooner or later.Then there room the really sure people that have been developed less than those declared.Finally, the conspiracyists, the is those who think that in enhancement to having created less of them, castle are additionally hidden in the vaults of a few elected people.

In the irradiate of every these assumptions you just have actually to check your pockets to check out if friend are amongst the few lucky civilization who without knowing it have actually in your hands a coin “Introducible“.

But exactly how much is the 50 cent euro coin worth 2007?

Currently the worth of the 50 cents coin that 2007 is 10€

Remember the the worth is indicative, it always depends top top the preservation and background of the coin. It may vary end time.

Coins should always be evaluate individually by Numismatic experts.

Let’s now go and see and also analyze some other rare 50 cent coins, and also let’s begin from the 50 cents of Malta, climate we’ll see those of Vatican City.

50 Cent Euro Coin that Malta

The 50-cent coin was an initial minted in 2008 by La Monnaie de Paris.

It has been circulating because January 1, 2008 and was built to change the previous money of the island the Malta (Maltese Pound).

On the “Towards Comune” or “al Rovescio” that the coin “50 cent Malta” was designed by Luc Luycx, a famous Belgian medallist.

Instead, an open up competition was introduced to pick the designs to be engraved on the National face of the 50 cents Malta. Many Maltese citizens took component in the competition and also the 50 cent coin was decorated through the coat of arms of Malta.

50 cents Euro of Malta

The front (National Face) of the Malta Fifty cent coin to be designed through Noel Galea Bason who portrayed the coat of eight of Malta in the centre of the coin.

Its architecture represents the shield with the nationwide Flag of Malta. The crown that walls above it recalls the Maltese fortifications and also symbolizes the City/State. Come the left that the shield over there is one olive branch, rather to the best there is a palm branch (notoriously symbols of peace) tied with each other by a ribbon v the engraving “Repubblika ta’ Malta“.

The value of the coin and the name of the country: MALTA space written around the prize of Malta in a semicircle. Its whole perimeter is surrounding by 12 five-pointed stars that symbolize the europe Union. The edge of the coin is striped through a quite thick knurling.

A special feature is the presence of a letter “F” in the centre of the star in ~ the bottom (6 o’clock). This letter shows France which produced the coins that Malta in 2008. In the following run, the mint symbol will certainly not it is in present.

Features and Material:

The 50 cent euro coin Malta is made with an alloy referred to as “Nordic Gold” which amongst its most amazing features has its terrific resistance to blackening. Its brilliant and golden colour does no fade end time. In truth it is used especially for the currently of souvenir coins such as 10 / 20 / 50 cent. Of €.

The choice of material is additionally due come the truth that this brass is difficult to falsify. Despite its name, gold is not existing in the alloy, but only copper, aluminum, zinc and tin. (Copper Cu 89% – Aluminium Al 5% – Zinc Zn 5% – tin Sn 1%)

Diameter: 24.25 mmMaterial: Nordic GoldThickness: 2.38 mmWeight: 7.80 g

Editions 50 cent Malta

Year 2008:

Circulation 14.960.000FDC 40.000 circulationRarity CParis Mint

Year 2011:

Print runFDC 50,000 circulationRarity RMint the Utrecht

Year 2012:

Print runFDC 51.000 CirculationRarity RMint the Utrecht

Year 2013:

Print runFDC 35.000 CirculationRarity RMint the Utrecht

Year 2014:

Print runFDC 25.000 circulationRarity RMint of Utrecht

Year 2015:

Print runFDC 30.000 circulationRarity RMint of Utrecht

Year 2016:

Circulation 200.000FDC 30.000 circulationNC RarityParis Mint

Year 2017:

Print runFDC 25.000 circulationRarity RParis Mint

50 Malta cent 2008 Value

The 50 cent euro coin the malta mint (Fdc) is worth 2€, but if they have actually circulated then the value is facial 0.50€. This is because of this not a rare 50 euro cents.

50 Vatican cents

The fifty-cent coins the Vatican City are divided into 6 series:

Series 50 cents Giovanni Paolo II50 cents Vacant SeatSeries 50 cents Pope Benedict XVI50 cents new Common FaceVatican 50 cents collection of Pope Francis50 cent Coat of arms of Pope Francis

Let’s look in ~ the data and specifications because that each version together.

First Series: 50 cent Giovanni Paolo II

50 Cent Euro usual Face50 Cent Euro Vatican Giovanni Paolo II

The draw is a portrait that Giovanni Paolo II looking come the left. The mint symbol is in ~ the bottom over the year that issue. In the coin, The words CITTA’ DEL VATICANO are semi-circle enrolled on the left side of the coin and are complied with by 12 5-pointed stars as signs of the european Union. This sculptor’s signature is at the bottom right: Gv increase Inc.

The Verso side is the typical side of the 50 cent euro coin through the depiction of the nations belonging come the Union that space detached from every other.

Nominal: 50 EurocentDiameter: 24.25 mmMaterial: Nordic GoldThickness: 2.38 mmEdge: DisgorgedWeight: 7.8 gramsAuthors: Guido Veroi / Uliana Pernazza / Luc Luycx ( F. Comune)

Year 2002:

Fdc 65,000 (6,000 Starter Kit) circulationPROOF 9.000 print runMint the RomeR2

Year 2003:

Fdc 65.000 circulationPROOF 13,000 copiesMint of RomeR

Year 2004:

Fdc 85.000 circulationPROOF 16.000 copiesMint the RomeNc

Year 2005:

Fdc 85.000 circulationPROOF 16.000 copiesMint that RomeNc

Second Series: 50 cents Vacant Seat

50 Cent Euro usual Face50 Cent Euro Vatican Vacant Seat

The coin face shows the coat of arms of Cardinal Camerlengo and also the Apostolic Chamber. The word SEDE VACANTE MMV is in a semi-circle roughly the design. Likewise in the semicircle, yet below, there is the inscription CITTA’ DEL VATICANO. The circle closes through the 12 stars of the european Union. Under the coat of arms space the engraver’s and author’s signatures and also the mint symbol and on the right.

Towards the typical side of the euro coins, v the inscription 50 euro cent and also the countries belonging to the Union, stood for detached from each other, partly falling top top a background of 6 vertical lines delimited through 2 stars each.

Nominal: 50 EurocentDiameter: 24.25 mmMaterial: Nordic GoldThickness: 2.38 mmEdge: DisgorgedWeight: 7.8 grams

Year 2005:

Fdc 60.000 copiesMint the RomeR

Third Series: 50 Vatican cents of Pope Benedict XVI

50 cent euro coin typical face50 Cent Euro through Papa Benedetto XVI

In the confront of the directly is the portrait the Pope Benedict XVI, the engraving CITTA’ DEL VATICANO at the bottom in a semicircle, top top the ideal the symbol of the mint and also the thousandth the a minting. The stars that the europe Union space on the outer perimeter of the design, before the edge. Instead, the signatures the sculptor and engraver space on the left next of the coin face.

The Verso side has actually the usual side the the coin through the representation of the nations belonging to the Union be separated from every other.

Nominal: 50 EurocentDiameter: 24.25 mmMaterial: Nordic GoldThickness: 2.38 mmEdge: DisgorgedWeight: 7.8 grams

Year 2006/2007:

Fdc 85.000 circulationPROOF 16.000 copiesMint of RomeR

Fourth Series: 50 Vatican cents new Common Face

50 Cent Euro brand-new common face50 Cent Euro Papa Benedetto XVI

The portrait that the new Pope Benedict XVI is straight. In the lower component of the semicircle the word CITTA’ DEL VATICANO, on the appropriate the prize of the mint and also then the thousandth of minting. The symbol with the 12 Stars of the european Union is approximately the portrait. The signatures of the sculptor and the engraver room engraved top top the left side of the coin.

In the Verso next is the new common next of the 50 cent euro coins through the indigenous “50 EURO CENT” Cent and the borders of Europe. The countries of the european Union are currently represented together a single entity and no much longer separate.

The 2011 and 2012 editions space not 50 rare cents but common currencies.

Nominal: 50 EurocentDiameter: 24.25 mmMaterial: Nordic GoldThickness: 2.38 mmEdge: DisgorgedWeight: 7.8 grams

Year 2008

Fdc 85.000 circulationPROOF 16.000 copiesCirculating 6,400Mint that RomeR

Year 2009

Fdc 85.000 circulationPROOF 15,000 copiesCirculating 6,400Mint of RomeR

Year 2010

Fdc 214.000 circulationPROOF 15,000 copiesCirculating devices 2,190,704Mint that RomeC

Year 2011

Fdc 314,000 circulationPROOF 15,000 copiesCirculating devices 2,174,197Mint that RomeC

Year 2012

Fdc 225.000 circulationPROOF 15,000 copiesCirculating units 1,604,690Mint that RomeC

Year 2013

Fdc 225.000 circulationPROOF 13,000 copiesCirculating 1,941,484Mint the RomeC

Fifth Series: 50 cents Pope Francesco

50 Cent Euro new common face50 Cent Euro Papa Francesco

The portrait on the right reflects the confront of the new Pope Francis. The words CITTA’ DEL VATICANO room in a semicircle on the right and also left that the portrait. ~ above the best of the face is the mint symbol and the year. The signatures the the engraver and also sculptor are above the shoulders of the Pope. In the external circle the the coin there space the 12 stars that the europe Union. They are not thus rare coins yet common coins.

The Verso side is the new common next of the 50 cent euro coins.

Nominal: 50 EurocentDiameter: 24.25 mmMaterial: Nordic GoldThickness: 2.38 mmEdge: DisgorgedWeight: 7.8 grams

Year 2014

Fdc 158.000 copiesPROOF 10.000 publish runCirculating 1,488,376Mint that RomeC

Year 2015

Fdc 218.000 copiesPROOF 12.000 copiesCirculating systems 2,021,682Mint that RomeC

Year 2016

Fdc 190,000 copiesPROOF 10.000 publish runCirculating systems 2,207,676Mint that RomeC

Sixth Series: 50 cent euro coin Pope Francis cloak of arm

50 Cent Euro new common face50 Cent Euro Papa Francesco cloak of Arms

On the right, there is the cloak of arms of Pope Francis. The words CITTA’ DEL VATICANO space semi-circle enrolled on the right and left the the coat of arms. On the left is the mint symbol and also on the appropriate is the thousandth minting. In the outer circle the the coin there room the 12 stars the the europe Union. They are not 50 rarely cents however common coins.

In the Verso side is the brand-new common next of the 50 cent euro coins.

Nominal: 50 EurocentDiameter: 24.25 mmMaterial: Nordic GoldThickness: 2.38 mmEdge: DisgorgedWeight: 7.8 grams

Year 2017

Fdc 190,000 copiesPROOF 10.000 print runCirculating systems 2,132,411Mint that RomeC

50 Italian cents (Lire)

The collection of Italian coins in the people of numismatics have constantly had a strong value specifically for the rarity of rare lira and the beauty beauty of part pieces. The 50 Italian cents of Vittorio Emanuele III were amongst the many beautiful, in fact he was also called “The numismatic King” because of his passion for collecting.

Let’s check out some coins indigenous this historic period.

50 cents 1940

50 Cent Euro Vittorio Emanuele III

The 50 cent coin Vittorio Emanuele III is among the most usual coins of the entirety Kingdom of Italy.

More than 19 million coins were minted.

On one side there is the lateral representation of an eagle with wings described that ghermisce a beam. The inscription ITALY is at the optimal of the coin, ~ above the left the thousandth of minting and the year of the Fascist Era. At the bottom over there is the Savoy coat of arms between the value (C – 50). On the left side there is the sign of the mint the Rome (R).

On the other side of the coin is the profile of King Vittorio Emanuele III, in a semicircle the inscription: VITT – EMAN – III – RE – E – IMP -, in the lower part, along the edge, there is the signature G – ROMAGNOLI.

50 cent 1940

Why, if the is a common coinc, is there so much talk the the 50 cent 1940 coin?

The 1940 vintage is renowned due to the fact that there to be two different variations that the coin. One was produced using a pure acmonital alloy (highly magnetisable) and the other used an acmonital and nickel alloy (little magnetisable). The curiosity to be to discover the coins “not calamitable” because they space considered more valuable.

50 cents Vittorio Emanuele III 1940 value

Calamitable or not, quiet the market value of these circulated mountains is an extremely low.

If instead we speak of coins in perfect Coin Flower your value could be approximately 15€ / 20€, and even much more so if we speak that the variant no calamitable.

50 Centesimi Vittorio Emanuele III 1937 1938

The rarest and also most unobtainable 50 cents of the empire are those the 1937 1938

Year: 1937Limitation: 50Rarity: R3

Year: 1938Limitation: 17Rarity: R4

Year: 1938Limitation: 3Rarity: R5

Just look at the circulation to know the rarity of these coins and also the possible price of this 50 rare cents.

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How lot are 50 cents worth Vittorio Emanuele III that 1937 1938?

To much better understand the worth of these rarely coins, we list three amazing auctions:

1937 R3 coin was auctioned in 2011 because that €2,185 1938 R4 coin was auctioned in 2010 because that €5,290A 1938 R5 coin (3 coins) to be auctioned in 2013 for €21,850

In the latter case, this was a minting test v a smooth edge. Even as much as the rarely 50 cents are concerned, therefore, the old lira always give us good satisfaction.