How numerous times have actually you wondered around the amount of potting floor you have to fill a flower pot or how countless seeds you can start v one bag of soil?

Here in ~ Geo Growers ours Thunderhead Potting Soil come in a 16 quart bag and a 20 gallon bag. It must be no secret as to just how much you need when the is time come repot existing plants or obtain your seeds started.

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It will be simplest to start tiny and job-related up to medium and large volume pots.

Here at Geo Growers we highly recommend ours Thunderhead Cactus & Succulent Mix for every one of your seed starting needs. 3.5 and 4 inch pots are probably the most common for seeds starting.

Pot Size16 Quart Bag20 Gallon bag
3.5 customs pot~76~380
4 inch pot~33~165

If you are not interested in seeds starting, but want come re-pot an existing plant, here are some standard tool size pots. Thunderhead original Potting Mix is great for re-potting a wide selection of houseplants and vegetable.

Pot Size16 quart bag20 gallon bag
6 inch pot~13~63
8 customs pot~5~26
10 inch pot~3~16
12 customs pot~1~6

So a fast look tells you that a 16 quart bag the Thunderhead Potting Soil will fill

approximately 13 six inch pots, 5 eight inch pots, 3 ten inch pots, or 1 twelve customs pot.

Larger pots room a bit much easier to figure out since they room not fountain of a quart, however this should help as well.

Pot SizeVolume
8 customs pot3 quarts
10 customs pot5 quarts
12 customs pot12 quarts
14 inch pot18 quarts
16 customs pot22 quarts
20 inch pot28 quarts
24 inch pot36 quarts

For bigger volumes it is great to recognize that 1 united state quart = 0.033420139 cubic foot. That should assist you number out how much potting floor you may need for larger planters or pots.

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The examples over are “typical” pot volumes, and some designs may vary considerably.