How much does a cup of spinach weigh? On average, a cup of spinach is roughly 30 grams.However, number of factors impact the load of spinach.

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If you desire to know just how to measure up spinach consistently as soon as making recipes, it’s vital that you measure up spinach in the exact same way. A cup of spinach will weigh an ext if the pipeline are tiny (some types of spinach have different leaves) and also if they’ve been trimmed or you have actually diced them.You have the right to increase your measurements’ accuracy by using the smallest spinach leaf or cutting the is proper for your recipe to make measuring a cupful easier.

A cup of new spinach weighs much less in comparison to cooked spinach, which softens and also wilts. A cup of cooking spinach weighs roughly 225 grams or 7.9ounces. Frozen or canned spinach will additionally vary in weight. Finally, remember the whether you’ve drained the spinach–and how well–will impact the weight. Any kind of extra fluid can result in a cup of spinach the weighs much much more than the average, even though you’re using less than a cup the spinach. If preparing and also measuring spinach the same way, each time you cook will much more consistently produce a continual weight every cup that the irpari green, it may not constantly be possible. Because that example, her recipe may require you come prepare spinach in different way than you typically do, or you might purchase spinach that has always been prepared since it saves time. Finally, if you try to “eyeball” the proper amount the spinach by comparing it come the package’s overall weight or size, you’re likely to misestimate. If friend only need a cup that spinach for your recipes, look because that packages between 1and 1.5 ounces.

How You deserve to Determine the specific Weight the Spinach

When you cannot buy a little enough amount of spinach as soon as you need only a cup or as soon as you should measure the spinach for her recipe precisely, you can measure it with your kitchen scale. You have the right to either place a measure up cup or an north container ~ above the scale before zeroing the out. Then, to fill the measuring cup or add a cup that spinach that you’ve currently measured to identify the weight. This offers you a turbulent estimate of just how much spinach is in a cup, and also you have the right to use it for future reference. You can also repeat this process for torn, chopped, cooked, or drained spinach to determine the vegetable’s load in every instance. Alternatively, you can always measure 30 grabs of raw spinach quite than trying to measure up a cup of spinach once cooking.

Why You might Not need to Measure Spinach by Weight


Spinach is often added to recipes to increase their bulk and also nutrition fairly than impacting the meal’s flavor. In fact, as soon as smoothiesand other healthy recipes speak to for spinach, it’s typically since of thenutrients while various other ingredients mask the flavor. If you’re count calories, note that spinach is a low-calorie food (one cup contains just 7 calories), therefore erring top top the next of overestimating will include only a few calories. Furthermore, because spinach cooks down so much, what might show up to be a big amount once you very first add it to her recipe may be the perfect amount or also a small on the skinny side as soon as the dish is complete.Many human being avoid measure spinach at all and include it to their recipes in handfuls; although, friend shouldn’t take into consideration that a cup as handfuls have the right to vary greatly.

Adding Extra Spinach to your Recipes

Because it’s therefore healthy, you may want to add spinach to recipes that execute not contact for it. You can include as much or little spinach to numerous kinds the pasta, pizzas, or quiches, no to mention salads. Remember to adjust the amount of liquid in your recipes if you setup to include significantly more (or less) spinach than the recipe calls for. Frozen or crate spinach contains more water and may not need extra liquid added to the recipe.

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How nutritious is a cup the spinach?

One cup of spinach contains approximately 1 take of carbohydrates and slightly much less than 1 gram every of protein and also fiber. Spinach is likewise high in vitamins A, C, and K, along with iron, folic acid, and calcium. One cup contains your daily requirement that lutein and zeaxanthin, i m sorry are an excellent for eye health.However, the nutritional content of spinach transforms when you chef it.

Is spinach great if you’re on a diet?

Yes! Not only does spinach save on computer nutrients and also fiber, however it’s low in carbohydrates and calories and has no fat. In fact, the FDA recommends including spinach to pasta and comparable dishes to alleviate calories per serving.

How long does it take to chef spinach?

Spinach can chef in just a couple of minutes. Because of this, part recipes direct you to add this vegetables as one of the critical ingredients to avoid overcooking the spinach, which have the right to make the slimy and also bitter. Store your eye ~ above the recipe and either serve or eliminate the food native the heat as soon as the spinach has end up being cooked.

What can I substitute for spinach in a recipe?

If you’re no a pan of spinach or don’t have any kind of on hand, shot greens such together amaranth, beet greens, or arugula in that place.

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How is spinach sold?

You have the right to purchase new spinach in majority if you desire to trim the leaves and remove the tribe themselves. Friend can likewise purchase bags the spinach because that cooking and also salads the have currently been trimmed. The college of Kentucky advises consumer tolook for crisp eco-friendly leaves that room fragrant and avoid spinach with limp or spotted leaves. Spinach will certainly last as much as 4 days before it begins to spot and also wilt.