Topic: exactly how much gravel/small pebble need to I buy because that a 55 gallon? A pound per gallon? Where need to I purchase it? in your ar or online a far better deal? Thanks!

*Awarded AnswerPosted through Ricky K: I’ve been in this hobby because that what feels favor 100 years. I’m glad to view you researching topics. That reflects your a good fishkeeper. Allows talk around your concern now.

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Amount that Gravel because that 55 gallon Aquarium

You will need 1-1.5 pounds per gallon. Around 60-70lb that aquarium gravel will be sufficient gravel because that a 55 gallon aquarium. I have actually 80 pounds in my 75g aquarium and also its perfect. I recommend buying it digital for a cheaper value. I always use black colored gravel due to the fact that it provides the fish’s colour pop. The color is really your choice though.

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The Carib brand is what i buy from amazon. Below is a link and also photo:


-A sad upgrade on mine blue marble girl that got assaulted by my koi betta. I had actually to continue to be at mine in laws cause of minor renovation in the house (not in the room where the tank is) so ns did a large water readjust before ns left 6 work ago. (I was claimed to be back home in 3 days yet work obtained extended). 

This is a cycled 5 gallon, heated tank with an excellent water parameters. That has great lights. She was in there by herself. I assumed the filter was acting up however apparently it stopped working.

Yesterday I involved find the tank all cloudy through white floating stuff, every the live tree rotted and also my girl passed. Mine husband that was residence said she no swim as much as eat the job before and also said the tank looked cloudy(I thought it was the stress coat and also aquarium salt). I dont understand what went wrong. One of two people sudden troubles in the tank or she didnt recuperate from the assault of the various other female who gained to her. Ns dont even know what this white stuff is