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Editor"s note: Wilfork announced his retirement from the NFL top top Thursday, and so we"re bringing earlier his Body problem Q&A native the summer the 2016. Check out the 2017 execution of the Body concern here.

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If friend watched HBO"s "Hard Knocks" last year -- or, really, if you"ve watched any football at all the past 12 seasons -- you"re probably familiar with veteran tackle Vince Wilfork, and his wife, Bianca, who"s never far from his side. The two-time Super key champ satellite down with the human body Issue"s Morty Ain -- and also Bianca -- come talk around body image, "runner calves" and schooling Randy Moss top top routes.

Morty Ain: Why walk you decide to pose for the body Issue?

Vince Wilfork: I just think it"s a good idea for world that room bigger-boned. If people can look at me, a male that"s 325-plus, doing an concern like this, I"m pretty certain that they could have a tiny confidence. There will be critics, similar to with every little thing else. Ns think a lot of of world will acquire a laugh the end of it, I"ll tell friend that. I"m looking front to what the locker room"s going to say. But at the end of the day, I"m perfect fine with who ns am together a person and what I have accomplished. It reflects a many my personality.

MA: for this reason what do you hope the these image show around your body?

Vince Wilfork

Age: 34Height: 6-2Weight: 325 pounds

VW: A lot of civilization look in ~ me together a big person. Some world consider me to it is in obese. Some human being consider me fat and sloppy. But I think this shoot will give civilization a various look at what i am. Anyone knows that I have actually a huge stomach, however I think occasionally that overshadows everything else ~ above my human body -- from my calves to my ago to my shoulders to my biceps, you surname it. What civilization go come the gym and also work for, ns have. The just thing ns don"t have that they acquired is six-packs. However I yes, really don"t care around six-packs.

Bianca Wilfork: and also let"s no forget the in the soccer world, you"re taken into consideration old as well. Old and maybe washed-up by some standards.

VW: Yep. The one thing around me is, ns don"t care what people think. It all starts with yourself. I think in myself. Ns love myself. For this reason it"s kind of like, they can shove that up their you-know-whats.

MA: how is the Vince top top the football field different from the Vince off it?

VW: A lot of of civilization tell me the off the field I"m an ext of a love person.

BW: A tenderness giant.


To go behind the scene at Vince Wilfork"s Body problem shoot, examine out the full gallery of his photos. More »

MA: What"s it choose to be someone your size in day-to-day life?

VW: people who don"t recognize me, when they view me they type of step back and just stare at me and also say, "Dang, he"s a big dude."

BW: Good thing you space an athlete, due to the fact that if not, climate they would just be looking at you because that your dimension .

VW: True fans and guys that follow the sport, they understand who i am. Yet sometimes i do acquire those world that look in ~ me and also kind of stop and also just stare at me, which i hate.

BW: and also then they"ll say, "Do you play ball?" and he"ll tell lock no, he"s a gynecologist.

VW: Yes, that"s what ns do.

BW: i think among the worst is when civilization come approximately you and also they say, "Man, you"re enlarge in person." Like, is that supposed to be a compliment? We"re like, what, am I supposed to say thank you? What the hell?

MA: Bianca, you pointed out that you never see males Vince"s dimension in the commercials for Under armour or anything favor that. How do you feel about that?

BW: It pisses me off since I recognize that there"s no a the majority of marketing advantages for him when it come to certain outlets. Friend don"t view Vince Wilfork-sized guys on the Nike advertising or Under Armour. But yet you have somebody that"s walk on 13 year in the league, 4 times to the at sight Bowl, a an excellent guy on and off the field. Friend couldn"t ask for a better fit ... He"s just obtained a huge tummy. Ns feel choose it"s nearly discriminatory.

VW: I don"t provide a s--- around that. In general, once you"re marketing stuff, you desire to have actually a certain look. Yet I constantly thought it would certainly be great if girlfriend had more offensive and defensive linemen v Nike brands or whatever brand it might be. Friend can"t play football there is no offensive and also defensive linemen. However everything you view is constantly geared toward professional positions. It"s unfair for big guys, because it"s more tough for us to gain noticed due to the fact that we perform the dirty work. We don"t capture the touchdowns. Us don"t throw the passes. But at the end of the day, any kind of football coach or any type of football player will tell you every little thing starts up front. If friend don"t have guys up there doing what they need to do, nothing will certainly work.

MA: Is your dimension a product of the job? just how much of that is natural?

VW: several of it is born a particular way, and some of that is due to the fact that of what i play. At the finish of football, execute I want to it is in this big? No. Ns don"t have to be that huge anymore. Yet for what ns do, I"ve to be this means for 13 years and also it never stopped me from playing the game at a details level. It never ever stopped me from gift a agree Bowler. It never stopped me from being in super Bowls. I missed one season, and also basically i had major one injury in my career in 12 seasons. As a sleep tackle or as a D-lineman, that"s kind of unheard of. So world can sit and say I"m too huge or obese or whatever; well, look in ~ the facts. Look in ~ my career and also look in ~ my history. You view the durability and also the level ns played at.

MA: So you"re normally this size?

VW: I"m naturally a huge dude, yes. Ns was 308 in high school. And also I"ve been between 308 all the method to 350. I deserve to only imagine when I finish football and also I acquire the weight off, I"ll most likely feel points different. However for twenty years I"ve to be this size; basically it"s the just thing ns know.

MA: Is over there a particular component of your body the you"re most proud of?

VW: i love my calves. In high college someone called me, "You got runner legs." and also I say, what the hell does the mean? He"s like, well, her calves; you don"t have actually fat-people calves . So to this day, I"ll be talking about myself in the meeting room and also I"ll say, "Man, watch at the dude"s calves." and also everybody laughs at me, yet I have actually some good-looking calves.

"I don"t treatment what world think. I love myself. So, they have the right to shove it up your you-know-whats."Vince Wilfork

MA: You"re actually very fast. What"s the fastest you"ve ever run?

VW: i clocked a 4.8 in the 40. At over 300 pounds. But, hell, i haven"t operation a 40 for a lengthy time . Ever because the combine. Ns don"t do that anymore. But all mine life I"ve played various sports. Basketball was another sport that ns played a lot. Ns did the shooting put. And in football, i was never ever a lineman as soon as we played pickup games. I was constantly a quarterback or a receiver or a running back.

MA: Is it true the you provided to beat one-on-one versus Randy Moss in practice?

VW: Oh, absolutely. Randy teach me just how to it is in a great receiver. He"s a good friend the mine.

MA: So you would guard the on routes?

VW: No, ns would always be the receiver and also he would certainly be a DB. I preferred to run a jerk route. Oh, man, I would certainly love it. To this day, any type of receiver that runs that route, ns love it because it"s kind of unguardable. That was mine go-to. We had a the majority of fun.

MA: therefore if us asked him, the would easily admit that you were acquisition him to school?

VW: I know him prefer he"s my very own blood, and he would never ever admit that. I mean, he never ever admitted it once I walk it, so friend think he would admit that now? hell no.

MA: What is your favorite thing that you carry out to train?

VW: Swimming is more than likely my main conditioning. It provides you a full-body workout. It build endurance, builds her lungs strong, I mean you surname it. And I favor that the older friend get, you shot to find different ways to train besides just pounding and running every day.

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BW: We have property in Florida, and also he do his very own sandpit out there. And we have orange groves, so he would certainly run in between the orange groves. And then go on a tractor with complete cowboy gear on and also move hay approximately the property and stuff in the sun just to get a good sweat in.

VW: Yes, I"ve done that. In my career I"ve done a most things. I"ve make the efforts to press a car. That did not last long, trust me. I was like, girlfriend know, with me it"s got to make feeling in mine head. And also I"m sitting over there saying, "Why the hell am ns pushing a car?" Like, "Can I do something else?"

Peter Hapak for aramuseum.orgMA: What is something about your human body that could surprise us?