Ronda Rousey gets prepared to struggle Cat Zingano in a UFC 184 mixed martial art bantamweight title bout, Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015, in Los Angeles. Rousey won after Zingano tapped the end 14 seconds right into the first round. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

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UFC women’s bantamweight champion and all-around American badass Ronda Rousey claimed on ESPN’s Sportscenter Thursday the she believes she can beat “100 percent” of the UFC masculine fighters in her load class.

“UFC announcer Joe Rogan has proclaimed that he thinks you might have the ability to beat 50 percent that UFC male bantamweight fighters,” Sportscenter anchor Matt Barrie said. “So currently this controversy has started. Ronda, what execute you think of around Rogan’s comment?”

\"I never ever say that I\"m i can not qualify of beating anybody, due to the fact that I don\"t believe in putting boundaries on myself,\" Rousey replied. \"So i mean, ns would need to say if you\"re just talking about what\"s in the realm of opportunity of what\"s possible of that I could beat, well, I might beat 100 percent of them. But, um, friend can\"t call me that there\"s a zero percent opportunity that I can beat anyone on the planet, for this reason I\"m never ever gonna say that.\"

Rousey to be the star that the American sporting activities scene last Saturday night when she beat Cat Zingano in simply 14 secs to retain her title, pushing her in its entirety record come 11-0. Afterward, Rogan said he thought Rousey might beat half the guys in her weight class.

\"There\"s a lot of males her dimension she might beat,\" Rogan stated on The Dan Lebatard Show. \"I mean, a lot. If you take it the roster the the UFC\"s bantamweights, 135 pounds, and also you paired them up versus Ronda Rousey, she might be able to beat 50 percent of them. That\"s no a joke.\"

As notes, however, Rousey also once claimed she might beat 240-pound heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. So, yeah, probably take the comment through a serial of confidence-infused salt.

This man looks scary/hard to beat.

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\"Seriously, that\"s a stupid idea,” Rousey’s mother, AnnMaria De Mars, a former civilization judo champion, claimed of the idea. “I\"m as lot a feminist as anyone but the truth is that biologically, there\"s a difference in between men and women. Hello. Duh. A woman who is 135 pounds and also a male who is 135 pounds room not physically equal.\"

Something tell united state Rousey’s reaction to the comment to be something follow me the lines of: “Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, stop!”