Redbox is right now the top DVD and video clip game rental suppliers in the unified States. Their major model concentrates on automated teller devices – ‘kiosks‘ – placed in hundreds of convenient areas which host the latest DVD’s and video clip games all set to it is in rented at any type of time. Together of September 2016, Redbox controls an ext than 51% the the physics rental market share. One reason this is the case, is as result of their attractively short prices.

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Here space the recent Redbox prices:AGETICKET PRICE


Per Day$1.50

Blu-Ray Movies

Per Day$2.00


Game Rentals

Per Day$3.00

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Redbox’s History


Redbox’s beginnings date earlier to 2002, once the McDonald’s corporation first funded Redbox Automated retail LLC. Surprisingly, the kiosks an initial offered both movie rentals, and also various grocery commodities including eggs, milk, and sandwiches. To begin with, over there were 4 (4) grocery kiosks, and also eleven (11) DVD rental kiosks – all placed around the Washington metro area.

Consumers weren’t overly interested in purchasing your food native a kiosk, therefore Redbox was quick to retract them within a year the opening. DVD’s on the various other hand, they showed to it is in a success. Together a success, the they went every in ~ above the movie rental market.

From 2005 come 2009, Coinstar made a collection of purchases which ended in castle gaining complete control and ownership that Redbox native McDonald’s. Altogether, Coinstar paid roughly $200 million because that disc rental company. A number of vital milestones soon followed:

2007 – Overtook Blockbuster in total number of locations2008 – Rented out a cumulative full of 100 million discs2010 – Rented out a cumulative complete of 1 exchange rate discs2010 – Blu-ray discs included to kiosks2011 – video game rentals added to kiosks2011 – 68% of the US population now lives within a 5-minute journey of a Redbox kiosk2013 – Redbox holds more than 50% of the full disc rentals in the US2013 – Rented the end a cumulative complete of 3 billion discs2016 – Rented the end a cumulative full of 5 billion discs

As you have the right to see, Redbox is the largest DVD and video game rental carriers in the unified States. One such aspect which deserve to be accurately illustrated to have actually assisted along the way is the short prices lock offer. Why pay because that the full price of a DVD if you’re just going to watch it once? Why not rent the from Redbox for 10% of the price instead?

Redbox has tried broadening into international industries such as Canada, but was compelled to retreat back to their residence ground citing low customer need as the reason.

Today, Redbox is own by Apollo an international Management complying with the acquisition from Outerwall for a whopping $895 million. The acquisition wasn’t only for Redbox, however, it also include the Coinstar and ecoATM businesses.

Today, plenty of are wonder whether future the Redbox and its position in the physical rental industry is bright or dim. How will they place themselves v the ever an altering shift to completely virtual transactions? will Redbox exist in 10 years? We’ll just have to wait and see.


In 2009 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., and also Universal Studios suddenly changed their covenant with Redbox, refusing to market them DVDs until at least 28 work after they to be made accessible for revenue in stores. They thought the expansion of Redbox was hindering their own profits in the DVD sales department.

In the end, Redbox entered into agreements v the movie companies, settling their lawsuits put forward, and agreeing to not make movies easily accessible for rent until after 28 work of gift in stores. Girlfriend can find details ~ above the address Warner Bros. Here.

Play Pass

Play pass is Redbox’s take it on a sort of loyalty/rewards regimen for its customers. In its easiest form, because that every rental you salary for, you’ll earn 10 clues on her Play happen card. When you have actually 100 points, you’ll have enough to take home a movie or video game for one night – because that free.


That’s not all – you’ll additionally be treated to a few surprise prizes along the way such as:

Free one-night rental on her birthdayFree one-night rental ~ above the anniversary of friend joining play PassNumerous various other special prizes which aren’t detailed (that’s what renders them special!)

Keep in psychic – the clues expire 60 days native earning castle – unlike many other program in i beg your pardon the points only expire after ~ 365 days. For this reason in stimulate to be eligible for a totally free rental, you’ll have to pay the typical rental price in the table above at the very least 10 times in 2 months.

There space a number of other terms and conditions, which you deserve to read about on play Pass’ around page.

Past Prices

Redbox has been may be to keep its short prices simply since of the leading hold it has actually over the sector share in the country (larger volume of transactions = reduced margins). In the company’s 15 year history, they’ve only boosted their rental prices on two (2) occasions. When in 2011, and also another time in 2014.

Here’s a timeline the Redbox’s rental price history:

2002 – 2009DVDs – $1Blu-ray – N/AVideo games – N/A2010 – 2011DVDs – $1Blu-ray – $1.50Video gamings – $2.002012 – 2014DVDs – $1.20Blu-ray – $1.50Video gamings – $2.002015 – PresentDVDs – $1.50Blu-ray – $2.00Video gamings – $3.00

We’re unsure whether we’ll proceed to see price boost in the coming years, or if Redbox will vary its pricing structure.

Fun Facts

Busy Bodies

2010 was among Redbox’s busiest year – they opened a new kiosk every hour on average.

Most Popular

Paul Blart: shopping mall Cop (2009) was the an initial movie come be with the 1 million rentals milestone.

Kiosk Capacity

In every of Redbox’s kiosks – there are approximately 700 discs that the recent movies and video games.


At the end of 2016, Redbox has rented out much more than 5 billion discs, and also currently maintains end 35,000 kiosk locations approximately the unified States.


As you deserve to see, Redbox has risen to come to be a force to it is in reckoned with in ~ in one extremely small time structure of 15 years. Among the main factors behind your exponential expansion has to be the ultra-low prices in i m sorry they’re may be to rent discs the end to consumers.

With just two price boosts in the past 15 years, movie-lovers room still able come rent out a brand-new release movie from Redbox for less than $2/night. And video games native $3/night.

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However, the industry is changing, and much more and more renters are transforming to digital streaming services. Will Redbox do the risky move to rise prices to maintain their revenues or save them level to try and retain customers? A decision better off left for their management.