Date the birth

October 26, 1967



Zodiac sign



New Zealand


Country singer

Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color


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Who is Keith Urban?


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Keith metropolitan is one Australian guitarist, document producer and country musician that was born in brand-new Zealand. 

Early Accomplishments

In 1991, he released his first album title Keith Urban.

Best well-known For

Keith was a coach because that one season on The Voice Australia in 2011. From the twelfth season till its final, he to be a judge on American Idol. 

What is Keith Urban sex-related Orientation?

Keith is straight. Before he gained married to the gorgeous Nicole Kidman, Keith was in an 8-year relationship with Laura Sigler. In 2006, he obtained married to Nicole and also 11 year later, they have 2 daughters.

What is Keith metropolitan Religion?

Keith is a Catholic. The has always been open and intentional about his faith also through his music. He released scripture based spiritual songs which likewise express his devout faith and believes. When he got married in 2006, his marital relationship was officiated in the Catholic Church. (Source:

Worth to Know

Keith’s middle name is Lionel. 

In October 1991, he acquired a tattoo of one eagle to mark his birthday. 

Keith wears Calvin Klein to escape cologne. 

Throughout his life, he has been a huge fan of country music v much influence from his dad yet in his teenage years from 15, he an especially developed a love for Dire Straits" music.