Wig shopping have the right to evoke a melt pot that emotions: frustration, intrigue, confusion, elation, etc. Similar to any brand-new situation, concerns inevitably arise. One large question: exactly how much perform wigs cost? exactly how much is also much? Or too little? and also what specifically should friend be searching for in a wig? Basically, it might feel like a lot of of details to digest.

But never fear! consider your concerns answered as we address some the the significant price-affecting factors you will certainly come throughout during her wig purchase excursion.

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What influence the expense of a Wig?

Wig prices vary based on several factors such as hair type, cap style, and cap features. To provide you a general idea the price variances, wig prices can selection anywhere from about $30 to thousands of dollars. Listed below is a an ext in-depth watch at different features that can affect the cost of a wig:

Hair Type

Wigs space made native a variety of different materials.

Hair length can likewise play a component in the expense of a wig (especially if the is a person hair wig). Just put, if the hair is longer, the wig is oftentimes more expensive.

Wig Cap

Wig caps and also cap attributes greatly impact the cost of a wig. The most an easy cap species (classic and also open caps) will certainly be less expensive since they are primarily machine-made. Monofilament, hand-tied, and also lace front caps all include to the in its entirety cost that a wig since they have hand-made elements.

Double monofilament wigs are comparable to monofilament wigs, but they room softer and gentler versus the scalp.

Tips the the Trade

As with most purchases in life, the old adage “You get what you salary for” also applies to wigs. For example, if you discover a wig v remi human hair and also a hand-tied cap with a lace front for $50.00, there’s a mighty big chance this wig may not be every it’s cracked approximately be. A remi person hair wig (which is thought about the divine grail of person hair wigs) can expense well over $700.00; include on a hand-tied cap and also lace front, you might be looking in ~ paying fine over $1,000.

Also, keep wig equipment in mind once calculating your complete cost. You will need shampoo, conditioner, and styling products particular to her wig (human hair or synthetic). Other commodities needed incorporate a wig stand, cap, and comb.

One an ext thing: wigs online space cheaper 보다 wigs in stores. This is because wig shops have to raise the price of your wigs come accommodate the added cost the service. Always make certain to buy your wigs online!

In general, as soon as shopping because that a wig you have to expect to pay:

What are My Payment Options?


Most carriers will require you to salary for your wig out of pocket. However, if your insurance firm offers a discount or complete coverage on the cost of a wig, girlfriend should be able to submit any kind of necessary paperwork to her insurance company to get reimbursement. Be certain to call your insurance firm in advancement to verify the exact procedure they desire you to follow.

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If you carry out not have actually insurance, us recommend keeping an eye out for any kind of promotions or discounted shipping choices offered with a wig retailer to help manage the expense of a wig. If girlfriend are right now unable to afford a wig because of financial strain, check out our blog write-up here for an ext details.