How much Does heating Oil Cost?

January 2005-March 2010 Average: $1.95-$2.96 a gallon
2010-2011 heating Season Average: $2.91-$3.88 a gallon
January-March 2012 Average: $3.85-$4.12 a gallon
Also called oilheat, No. 2 heater oil or fuel oil No. 2, residential heating oil is most frequently used in houses on the eastern Coast and in the Midwest, and less frequently in various other regions. Heating oil prices fluctuate widely over time and also by location, affected by the expense of crude oil oil, manufacturing expenses, transportation/distribution costs, and seasonal transforms in supply and demand. The federal power Information management provides one overview<1> that the components affecting residential heating oil prices.Typical costs:Most service providers charge the sector rate for a one-time or point out delivery, however offer contempt discounted price (typically 10 cents come 25 cents much less than the market price the day the transaction is signed) for pre-paid or pre-buy contracts spanning all deliveries because that the heater season. (Contracts can aid consumers if heater oil prices rise over the winter, however customers who signed contracts in July 2008 observed the sector rate tumble the winter, and also many payment penalties the $200-$300 or much more to acquire out the high-priced contracts.)Related articles: heating Oil Tank, Boiler, Furnace, heater Tune-up, Propane, Propane TankWhat have to be included:Additional costs:Some contract include yearly cleaning and also service because that the"s heater (furnace) for another $100-$300 per winter season.Discounts:Have the heater oil tank fill in so late summer or early on fall, when prices are typically lower.Shopping for heating oil:
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What human being Are paying - current Commentscurrent heater Oil Price
Amount: $3.69
Posted by: cherly in port Jervis, NY.

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Posted: June 14th, 2017 11:06AM
Company: Wallace

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February heating price
Amount: $2.09
Posted by: DAVID MITCHELL in MIDDLETOWN, OH.Posted: February 6th, 2017 06:02PM
Company: Estes

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Amount: $2.56
Posted by: a user in tolland, CT.Posted: June 17th, 2016 06:06PM
Company: kasden

the price of a gallon that fuel 256.9 is absurd, is very very high with terrible customer service. Automatic delivery was consisted of with a lid of 2.79.I would not recommend kasden fuel by any kind of means.I WOULD quite BE there is no OIL 보다 TO have actually A shipment OF OIL indigenous KASDEN. THIS too much HIGH PRICE WAS mentioned TO NO AVAIL. Continue to be AWAY
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Way the end of date!
Amount: $3.57
Posted by: shellb in Kensington, CT.Posted: October 26th, 2011 09:10AM
Company: Allen Oil, Kensington, CT

By far the best price approximately right now. This page is practically 2 years out of date and we all know what happened to oil prices in the critical 2 years!
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heating season start date and end day in brand-new jersey
Amount: $550.00
Posted by: HANY HANNA in jersey, NJ.Posted: April 30th, 2011 07:04PM
Company: tullo fairview nj

the agency decided to change the heating season come be end on April 1st not 31st as it is through petro oil agency and numerous others in brand-new jersey to fee the customer hire price specially have actually a lid price and services contract ends by september 2011 any answer please
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It"s a good idea to have actually the heater checked in the fall, prior to you require it.