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I must know just how much mine 2wd, ls weighs. I have uncovered stuff for 4x4 lt however they have a lot an ext weight on them, if some one could assist get me a small closer
04 LS 2wd, 3.73, G80, 20% tints, K&N, running Boards(sold)07 LS 2wd, 3.42, moonroof, bone stock...for now
I searched top top "04 TB RWD -Curb Weight: 4432 lbs.Gross Weight: 5550 lbs. is this what you already found?

Go come a local moving company, they typically have scales there and for $10 or so you can acquire a certified load +/- 20 lbs.My 4WD is 4780 lbs w/ fuel, SWB.
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