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How lot does a ceiling 305 block v the mains weigh?Never mind. I uncovered it (approximately 181 pounds).Jack

Years earlier I weighed a 283 little block with just the key caps top top it, and also I constantly remembered it to be 145 lbs, and the heads the were with it weighed (bare) 45 lbs. Each.It should be the the 305 has much more iron in the !!

I assumed that a ceiling 350 block weighed 151 pounds, I"ll double check in the morning. I would certainly think the a 305 would be close to a 350.

I thought that a ceiling 350 block sweet 151 pounds, I"ll dual check in the morning. I would think that a 305 would certainly be close come a 350.

remember that a 305 doesn"t have as much bore in the cylinders, therefore carrying more iron in the block
remember that a 305 doesn"t have as lot bore in the cylinders, thus carrying more iron in the block
I don"t think so. If that were true, we can bore it to 4" however the water jackets space too thin for that.
That chart was discovered by countless to be "ball-park" figures. And I understand that a 500 Caddy weighs more than 50 lbs much more that a small block Chevy, like the graph indicates, it"s close come 100 lbs more, from what the Caddy guys discovered out by weighing part engines.
You desire to get technical??? you mean "BARE" block together in no cam bearings, oil galley plugs, no main caps, drilled for 2 or 4 bolt caps, no frost plugs..... And also what year of casting???Heres a finish database Brian Callihan put together over at the Nasty. We just supplied really measured weights, and only from human being that could verify their range was accurate. (Brian was totally anal about putting this database together) and I will certainly be the very first to was standing up and also say it"s around as precise as you will discover anywhere. stuff/camaro_database.htm(scroll down v the Camaro certain body parts to engine and also drivetrain)An EMPTY, bare sbc will certainly go 162-169 pounds. ~ 77ish GM started making castings lighter (using 2# much less iron because that 7million cars adds increase LOL) The old 265 blocks are obviously lighter than the 400 blocks.. Cylinder cores are cast so they have a addressed nominal wall after boreing because that the application,, accountancy for some shift in assembeling the pieces for the final pour etc.. So a 305 cylinder core will weight much less than a 400 core, yet not since they bore an ext material far from the core, because it is cast larger or smaller to have a 1/4 to 3/8" wall material ~ the bore. So just how much "more" product does it require to make a 1/4" thick wall on a 3.875 vs 4.125 diameter,, I"m betting no an ext than a pair of pounds. And by procedure you have variations native one block come the next, small design alters through the years,,, ns don"t feel you deserve to put precise number on them but,, I know Brians database was confirm 10 ways from hell.

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