Hill Pedal Harpsichord (pedal tool only) built in 1982, mine opus 128, acoustically rebuilt in 2006.

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The pedal tool is comparable to that in the picture below. V the pedal instrument (1 x 16’, 2 x 8’, and 1 x 4’) room included: the stand to assistance a manual harpsichord, the pedalboard (C - f over middle c), and the bench. Priced to market quickly.

that is a sad fact that every previous pedal harpsichord draft mimic the pedal piano designs indigenous the at an early stage 19th century. A litany of troubles that plague that antique design are detailed below. I invented my architecture in 1980 specifically to resolve those age old problems:

A: the trouble of tuning the pedal harpsichord (previous designs lay flat on the floor and are as large as the pedalboard—meaning you need to have aid to song the pedal harpsichord together it can not be tuned through the human sitting in ~ the hand-operated harpsichord). Mine design enables the player come sit at the hand-operated harpsichord and also easily reach under to tune the pedal instrument.

B: the problem of excessive energy dissipation that outcomes in one unfocused sound in every coming before design. The previous designs being as broad as the pedalboard expected that the soundboard had actually to be equally wide…too wide to have any far-reaching focus come the sound coming from the pedal instrument.

C: Again, the broad of the instrument in the vault designs indigenous the 19th century and also on is too large to fit into a normal van, which provides ita difficulty to transfer the instrument,

D: due to the fact that the tool is within easy reach native the bench, means that the difficulty of regulating and voicing the tool is easier.

E: then there is the trouble of supporting the hand-operated instrument above (not a difficulty for the 19th models intended come fit under a 6 ½oct. Fortepianos but a definite difficulty for harpsichords which space narrower 보다 those pedal board width pedal harpsichords).

In fact, that is a perfect design and I expected other harpsichord machines to copy the design, naturally, without questioning me or giving me credit transaction for the design when lock did. But back in 1992 the persons at hubbard Harpsichords Inc. Also had the bile to case that they had invented the design.



2. Hill Italian solitary Manual Harpsichord ~ de Zentis - Opus 475 made in 2015, 2 x 8\" in brass, GG - f \"\"\" in ~ A-415 through transposing to A-440, Buff stop, handstops ~ above the wrestplank, Boxwood naturals, Ebony topped sharps, Boxwood arcades,built as a true inner instance of Italian Cypress, pearwood jacks, walnut registers, parchment rosette, through walnut music desk and three legged stand. Does not come through an exterior case.


3. Hill Flemish double Manual Harpsichord to be made in 2019 after the 1640 \"Ahaus\" Ruckers the Leonhardt offered in his Froberger recording. It has a GG - e\"\"\" compass, 2 x 8’, 1 x 4’, transposing come A-440,Ebony naturals, Bone topped stained sharps, sculpted trefoil keyfronts, French layout coupler,pearwood jacks, wood registers, 4 screw-in legs, an easy music desk, v Flemish files on the internal case, painted and also gilded top top the exterior and also interior lid and molding. Will write-up a recording and also photo as quickly as possible, meanwhile, the following recording of one of my previously Ahaus Ruckers instruments deserve to be heard below.

Here is Jean Rondeau playing Rameau on mine Opus 194 made earlier in 1983/4, i m sorry is based upon the Ahaus Ruckers.

Froberger -Toccata II -Blandine Verlet,1989 play on a Hans Ruckers II,1624 (Colmar)

4. Hill French dual Manual Harpsichord after Taskin Opus 383 do in 2005.

Though constructed in 2005, I only finished this harpsichord this year through decorating the soundboard, installing and finishing turn off the activity and making a stand and music workdesk for it. It has yet to it is in painted and also gilded. This harpsichord is unique amongst all the instruments I have made because the soundboard I offered in it come from a Worel, 6 and also one half octave, fortepiano do in 1835. I involved own this piano v a negotiation with a music school that had actually bought the for your students to understand the music the that period on an original fortepiano. However, the instrument sounded totally dead from middle c to the top note in the treble. Come correct that problem, ns took the end the initial soundboard, mounted a brand-new one and also the instrument ultimately sounded wonderfully full, singing, and powerful in the treble as well as in the bass.

Since there was nothing wrong v the timber in the soundboard, indeed, gift split and old, both gift serious benefits for sound quality, ns was eager to make a harpsichord the end of the soundboard. As it rotate out, the is maybe the ideal harpsichord (meaning: being many like a fine initial antique French harpsichord) ns have ever made.

Photos and also recorded sound samples that this harpsichord will certainly be posted as soon as the harpsichord has been completely finished. The following recording is of a Taskin harpsichord i made in 2000, my opus 345.

5. Fortepiano after ~ Cristofori, Opus 444 make in 2012. I make this tool to show at the Boston beforehand Music Festival. This instrument will be my last of this size.

One that the interesting peculiarities of the Cristofori kind brass strung fortepianos is the they room pure, sweet and strong sounding, which provides them valuable for playing the entire body that harpsichord literature and also all piano music that will certainly fit on its FF - g\"\"\" compass, as you will certainly hear from the couple of recordings made once I was experimentation microphones and also the Zoom recorder. Stole strung Viennese fortepianos tend to not sound for this reason pure nor sweet. One more curious feature of my double brass strung pianos is that they room amazingly secure in tuning.


Double strung completely in Brass music wire, this fortepiano is equipped with a true \"una chorda\" the is triggered by manually shifting the keyboard from left come right. The dampers room made come lift through a knee lever. This is among the couple of pianos the I have actually made that i have had actually in my possession due to the fact that it was made and also so have actually tinkered v the activity to perfect the voicing and also touch.

6. Harpsichord after ~ the Colmar Ruckers, Opus 486, make in 2016. A double manual compass the GG (no GG#)- d\"\"\", and also transposes to 440, has actually 2 x 8\" registers, 1 x 4\" register, Buff avoid with the handstop in keywell, Pear lumber jacks, ebony naturals, bone topped sharps, boxwood arcades, beechwood registers, Flemish soundboard decoration, antique format music desk, and twin frame platform stand. Pictured below with a sound sample perform by note Edwards.


Professor note Edwards play opus 486made ~ the 1624 colmar Ruckers top top october 3, 2016 in ~ the Oberlin conservatory in oberlin, ohio.

7. Lautenwerk: Disposed v one manual, 1 x 8\" strings in gut and also 1 x 4\" strings in brass, with 2 x 8\" sets of jacks, and also a 3 layer parchment rosette. It will have instance moldings and handstops in the keywell, a music desk, and also four screw-in legs as soon as finished.

This photo below is the my many recent Lautenwerk, make in April 2019 and also is together yet undecorated. Below this photograph are 2 shop recordings make of the instrument played by two various players.

The adhering to three recordings were made on my opus 515, after the Colmar Ruckers situated in the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, France. The an initial two recordings room of Bach Toccatas carry out by LingJu Lai. The 3rd recording to be made by my acoustical modern technology student, Fabio Rigali, playing a collection of sports by J. P. Sweelinck.

The one-of-a-kind Subscription Offering had actually to be Cancelled because of An Indisposition that a key Member of My assistance Team.

I was cautious to not make binding contracts for this subscription run therefore possibility and also now need to apologize to those who expressed a for sure desire to have actually one of the tools from this run.

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SOLD - Clavichord after hobtration (pictured below). twin strung in Brass, GG - f3, fretted, ebony naturals, bone topped sharps, boxwood arcades, printed documents on the inside rim and also a painted end up on the exterior/and interior of the lid. No stand or music desk as this size of tool is intended to be inserted on top of a table to be played. The lid acts together the music desk.

8. An Italian Pentagonal Virginal ~ Ioannes de Perticis 1684 developed by my most recent acoustical an innovation student from Italy in harpsichord making, Fabio Rigali, as component of his learning to apply all of my sound enhancing techniques. This charming instrument has actually a compass that C/E brief octave - c3, boxwood naturals, stained oak sharps, carved arcades, wooden jacks, made the end of Italian cypress, including the soundboard, tuned come A-440 or 415. The price for this virginal is: $12.000.00 USD.