Are friend curious how much a gallon of repaint weighs? Stick around as we will certainly share the prize in this article.

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Planning to freshen increase your walls by repainting them? Eyeing to conduct a an imaginative art task that will demonstrate your imaginative skills?

Before friend start any kind of of these, buying gallons of repaint is the first thing you’ll should do.

However, this is likewise where the trouble starts. If it’s easy to choose what color you’ll it is in using and also what brand you’ll be purchasing, knowing just how much repaint you’ll it is in needing could present a challenge.

You must also take the weight of the paint right into account, relying on how you setup to transfer the repaint you need.

In this article, we will look in ~ both sides of the equation: exactly how to determine exactly how much repaint you need, and also how lot that repaint will weigh.


Normally, repaint is measured in gallons. In neighborhood stores, you have the right to usually acquisition them in differing sizes, v one gallon and also five gallons gift the most usual you are most likely to see.

However, the load of the repaint depends completely on what kind of paint it is.

In bespeak to determine the weight of paint, you require to recognize the specific gravity of the particular type of paint. Particular gravity is a comparison of product to water. Some repaint manufacturers list the particular gravity of their repaint on the label.

If they’ve done so, you have the right to then find the weight by multiply by 8.345 to find pounds per gallon.

If girlfriend don’t feel choose doing the math, though, below are several of the most usual paint species and their weights:

Latex Paint: 11.3 pounds every gallonAcrylic Paint: 11-12 pounds every gallonOil-Based Paint: 6.7 pounds per gallonEnamel Paint: 11 pounds per gallon

Of course, all of these measurements still count on the brand, this are merely estimates.

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The Bottom Line

Ready to begin your paint mission? even if it is you simply want to offer life to your inner or arrangement to to express yourself through massive wall art, knowing how much repaint you should be purchasing and how much that paint will load will assist prevent suspending your work just to go ago to the nearest hardware to buy an ext paint, or making multiple trips for every the repaint you need.

Skip the possible mishaps and give a an excellent guess on the number of gallons you require for the job. Rely on the calculations pointed out above! i hope you delighted in our explanation of exactly how much a gallon of repaint weighs. Cheers!