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How much does a finish iron 460 weigh? exactly how much load is shaved by utilizing aluminum heads and also intake?Also, everyone know just how much a finish iron head/intake 350 Chevy weighs?
hm, i store wondering the very same thing. Alum head 460 must go 680. Pos chevy have to go around 550.....bobnps anotherwords to the top lol...


The numbers I have read prior to list a completely dressed (I guess it is pants and also a shirt, etc. :shock: ) iron 460 in ~ 720lbs. You deserve to reduce about 30lbs every head and also 30lbs because that intake. Total est weight 630lbs.I\"m sure others here have actually the actual numbers.Hope this helps,Bill
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\"The an essential Board Warriors\"1983 ThunderbirdBig Block Power
466 Edelbrock show RPM heads, cam, intake
598 IDT block A460 heads v .250 engine plate, peterson wet/vac,elec. Water pump.No carb, stater,exhaust or fluids. 636lbs ~ above REBCO chassis scales
TFS A head, 4.5 crank indigenous AD,ultra block, Diamond 4.600 pistons BME 6.7 rods ,peterson wet/vac ,2 3/8headers ,new styleTFS intake,jesel 1.8,287-297at.050.800 elevator 112 mounted 108, danny bee

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Yep, there are some items lacking like;- fan chisels & clutch- flexplate or flywheeland maybe something else, however this chart was made to to compare the different engine\"s weights in oem condition and after aluminium head, intake, waterpump upgrade. All the aluminium components were in reality scaled, FE waterpump, Weiand aluminium 429, etc. ----------------this is straight copy paste from the original:Weight analysis, engine mechanism 3.00, model year 1973, 429-4V, auto trans SYSTEMCOMPONENTWEIGHT 3,01BASIC ENGINE SUBSYSTEM563,04 3,02ENGINE LUBRICATION SUBSYSTEM26,22 3.03*ENGINE COOLING SUBSYSTEM19,25 3,09VALVE TRAIN SUBSYSTEM33,56 SUB complete 642,073,03ENGINE COOLING (FINAL LINE) RADIATOR20,70 RADIATOR CAP0,14 ENGINE COOLANT41,00 pan SHROUD3,50 pan SHROUD (ATT. PARTS)0,16 FAN2,67FAN SPACER0,40FAN (ATT. PARTS)0,16HOSE & CLAMP ASSY. (UPPER)0,92HOSE & CLAMP ASSY. (LOWER)1,15SUB total 70,803.04#CARBURATION & waiting CLEANERNA3,05ACCESSORY journey SUBSYSTEM ALTERNATOR BRACKETS1,12ALTERNATOR ADJ. ARM0,59ALTERNATOR BRKT. (ATT. PARTS)0,59CRANKSHAFT PULLEY4,70WATERPUMP PULLEY2,79BELT- ALT. BELT0,19BELT- P/S DRIVE0,33BELT- A/C drive BELT- THERMACTOR SUB full 10,313.06#STARTER SUBSYSTEMNA3.07#IGNITION SUBSYSTEMNA3,08EMISSION THERMACTOR SPARK control NOx CONTROL3,00VAL. ASSY-C/C VENT + PTS0,95SUB total 3,95TOTAL 727,13* only THOSE ITEMS that ARE component OF THE an easy ENGINE # no ENGINE & FOUNDRY relax RESPONSIBILITY