With a finish line up of towing vehicles, we often say that there’s no towing job we can not do. From transportation jobs andheavy dutytowing come roadside recovery. Together you can expect, that invites concerns like; what’s the best towing task we’ve ever before done? much more importantly, just how much perform each of our trucks really tow?

Towing is in reality a complex business. For every job, yes sir a lot the goes right into it and a lot to be mindful of. Yet the first thing we need to understand is what is being towed, hauled, plucked, or traction so us can figure out how much weight will should be moved.

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Flatbed Towing Capacity

If you fortunate enough to catch a tow from one of our fleet, the possibilities are the a flatbed will be assigned to come perform the job. The factor for the is since they’re the best for safe, secure auto transport the doesn’t damage your vehicle.

But the inquiry you’re here for, just how much deserve to a common flatbed carry in tow? ours flatbeds space rated for up to 25,000 pounds, but they’re frequently used to transport lot less. Native ferrying solitary motorcycles to classic cars, our flatbeds room the preferred method for A-B moving of just around any vehicle. The finest part? There’s quiet plenty of volume left over to provide you a journey to wherein you’re going as well.

Medium Duty Movers

A great portion of ours “light” duty towing will likewise be offered to tow “medium” sized vehicles. Provide or take it a few thousand pounds, medium sized deserve to be characterized as anything around 25,000 pounds. That consists of things prefer box trucks, buses, various other tow-trucks, and most building and construction vehicles.

Most that the vehicles that fall into the “medium” group tend to it is in commercial vehicles. If you gain yourself into a jam top top the job, yes sir a an excellent chance that your vehicle will be retrieved by among our medium-duty haulers.

Rotators: The hefty Lifters

Engineered come drag, pull and cherry-pick vehicles the just about any dimension from hard-to-reach places, our rotators are the crown jewels of the O’Hare fleet. Through upwards the 50,000 pounds that lifting capacity, over there aren’t many situations that lock not beneficial in.

And no only deserve to they background vehicles (including vehicles that have been submerged underwater), castle can additionally rotate lock a complete 360 degrees and also put them specifically what they have to be. Without gaining into the details, the physics for the to be feasible make rotators some of the most progressed (and helpful) machinery anywhere.

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Towing It all Together


As you can see, there’s never a project that we’re no overprepared for – and also that’s the name of the game. V as countless variables and unforeseen considerations to also the “smallest” tows, coming with much more than enough is constantly a for sure bet.

From moving a single person come their destination to an oversized building rig come a task site, we’ve acquired the truck because that the job. Ours towers love the challenge of figuring out exactly how to relocate a vehicle from whereby it is, including those with some added weight to them