Item weight Comments
Jewel case (Standard) 2.5 oz Standard CD Jewel case. Weight v no published material.

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DVD case (Slim) 2.37 oz Weight v no published material.
DVD situation (Standard) 2.62 oz Weight with no printed material. Multi-disk instances with hingedplastic inserts will certainly weigh more.

Click to see full answer. Moreover, just how much go it expense to ship a DVD?

According come the United claims Postal Service, packsofthree DVDs deserve to be purchased because that $3.30. This will include about30 cent to your full shipping cost but will save theDVD better protected during shipping.

Additionally, exactly how much go a CD player weigh? A CD is do from 1.2 millimetres (0.047 in)thick, polycarbonate plastic and also weighs 15–20grams.

simply so, exactly how much go a Blu beam DVD weigh?

5 oz

How hefty is a ps4 game?

PS4 vs. PS4 vs. PS4 vs. Xbox vs. Xbox vs. Xbox: Fight! PS4 PS4 Slim
Height 2.09 inches (53mm) 1.54 inches (39mm)
Weight 6.2 pounds (2.8kg) 4.6 pounds (2.1kg)
Optical drive Blu-ray, DVD Blu-ray, DVD
Game compatibility PS4, choose PS3 with PS now subscription³ PS4, choose PS3 with PS now subscription³

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Can you mail a CD in one envelope?

Media Mail is a cost-effective way to sendmedia materials through the U.S. Postal Service. You cansend books, videotapes, DVDs, CDs, published music andother sound recordings through Media Mail as lengthy as theyweigh less than 70 pounds. USPS estimates that her itemwill arrive in 2 come 10 days.
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How much does it expense to letter a CD USPS?

Cost: $0.70 (2-ounce letter rate): place the discwith or without inserts (no jewel case) in a tiny bubble wrapenvelope (6x9) and tape the SwapaCD wrapper on thefront.
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How much does a DVD weigh in grams?

The single disc case weighs 55 grams andthe instance to host 2 DVDs weighs 66 grams both empty ofDVDs and wrapping.
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How much is a forever stamp?

The price the Forever stamps is enhancing by 10 percent,and will go indigenous 50 cents to 55 cents, follow to a UnitedStates Postal organization press release. The First-Class mail Foreverstamp price will certainly take impact Jan. 27, the federal agencysaid.
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How much does a video clip game weigh for shipping?

Average Shipping weight of Media
Xbox 360 video video game or a PS3 game (COMPLETE)weighs an average of 5 oz. Variables: A 2 bowl DVD set,weighs an median of 5 oz . If either of these items has aCardboard Sleeve, include 1 oz to theweight.
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How lot is a medium level rate box?

USPS Priority Mail flat Rate Options
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Are DVD movies thought about media mail?

Media Mail rates are limited to the items listedbelow: publications (at least 8 pages). Sound recordings and videorecordings, such as CDs and DVDs. Playscripts andmanuscripts for books, periodicals, and music.
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Can you delivery a DVD media mail?

You can send books, videotapes, DVDs, CDs,printed music and other sound recordings through Media Mailas lengthy as they weigh much less than 70 pounds. USPS estimatesthat Media letter will arrive in 2 come 10 days.
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What is the weight of a CD and case?

Item load Comments
Jewel instance (Standard) 2.5 oz Standard CD Jewel case. Weight with no published material.
DVD situation (Slim) 2.37 oz Weight v no printed material.
DVD case (Standard) 2.62 oz Weight through no printed material. Multi-disk situations with hingedplastic inserts will weigh more.

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How lot does a DVD weigh in Oz?

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What space the dimensions of a Blu ray case?

A single case actions 135mm wide, 171.5mm high,and 13mm thick. Within case booklets allow for a preferably ofapproximately 20 pages v a 4.75-inch-wide and also 5.9 incheshigh.
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What space the dimensions of a DVD case?

The typical DVD instance size is 19х13.5cm and14mm thick. The case provides appropriate protection because that thedisks and holds castle fast, no matter what happens.
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How plenty of pounds is a PlayStation?

The PS4 is light and slim contrasted to the Xbox One, withits power supply developed inside together opposed to a strength brick. It"smatte top top the bottom and glossy on the top, which contrasts well.Its load is around 2.8 kg (6.1 pounds). The is onlyavailable in one color at launch, Jet Black.

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How many pounds is a ps4 slim?

PlayStation 4 slim lives up come its unofficialtitle, weighing in in ~ a comparably featherweight 2.1 kilograms.That"s a bit an ext than 4.5 pounds, which is nice for peoplewho mean to cart the console in between rooms and friends" housesand what have you.
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How do I delivery a ps4 game?

The best method to ship a playstations safely prices about$30-40:
usage a 22” x 18” x 8” box. Use plenty of balloon wrap. Use USPS Priority (with insurance and also tracking) acquire a playstations Shipping Kit from Swappa.
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How lot does a PS Vita game weigh?

PlayStation Vita
The first generation playstations Vita system(PCH-1000)
Mass PCH-1000: 260 grams (9.2 oz) (Wi-Fi) 279 grams (9.8 oz) (3G)PCH-2000: 219 grams (7.7 oz) (Wi-Fi)
Backward compatibility PlayStation Portable (download only) PSone (download only)
Predecessor PlayStation Portable

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How much does a move weigh?

10.48 ounces
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