below at the Luthier Shop, us primarily focus on violins, violas and cellos, yet we do have some double basses available. There space shops that specialize in double basses. When purchasing one instrument, this shops will have a much far better selection that basses from which to choose.

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The standard size for adults is a ¾ twin bass. A large twin bass such as a ⅞ or 4/4 is really rare and not frequently used unless the human being is very tall, 6.5’ + in elevation or they have actually unusually huge hands.

A general ascendancy for children is to select a bass one dimension smaller 보다 usual violin size for age. A smaller bass will have actually a shorter string length. Therefore if the child’s hand is small, a smaller dimension bass would be a much better fit. A smaller sized instrument is MUCH less complicated to play because of the much shorter string length. A much shorter string length (the measurement of the strings indigenous the leg to the nut) means the fingers execute not need to spread as far to location the fingers on the strings because that each keep in mind when playing. Bass and also cello players can develop physical troubles in the hand and arm indigenous playing tools that that have actually string lengths too long for the player to play comfortably. So a smaller bass is probably far better for many players.


Approximate sizing because that age:

Size of dual Bass age of Child

1/8 5-7 years

1/4 7-9 years

1/2 9-13 years

3/4 13 years to adult

Other adjustments and considerations because that deciding on dual bass size.

adjust the size of the finish pin stick so that the leg is at the exact same level together the large knuckles if the eight hangs down.

Your ideal arm should now be able to bow comfortably through the bow in ~ the ideal position midway between the bridge and also the fingerboard. If you room bowing over the fingerboard, shot a base one size down. If friend feel more comfortable bowing an extremely close to the bridge, try a base one dimension up.

The left hand need to be about level with your challenge when in first position. Your index finger should approximately suggest towards your eyebrow.

A ½ size bass is usually an excellent for football player up to approximately 12 year of age. (150cm)


Bass sizing is not precise science.Rule #1: There space No Rules.The double Bass (a.k.a. Upright Bass) is an instrument that only recently progressed over the last couple of hundred years, the is tho being adjusted and emerged by individuals who construct them to satisfy their own interpretation the the instrument. There are fairly a lot of variances in sizing and also design. But there space some commonalities that many basses share, so we have this info here. Just be aware that double basses vary quite a bit, therefore your need for one instrument might not autumn in general sizing category -- andthat"s nothing to issue about. 3/4 size is recognized as a continuous size bass.

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99.5% the the basses are 3/4 size. But you will discover that 3/4 dimension is by far most usual bass size. A 4/4 or full size bass is really considered much more of a "jumbo" or "XXL" bass - and also mostly castle are provided in orchestras and also by an extremely tall people. Plenty of times lock are used where acoustic volume is very important, and also the extra depth can be beneficial for those using E-string extensions for extra low notes (usually down to low C or B). Https://

There room also twin basses that have 5 strings through a short C to do it easier for the player come play notes reduced than the low E.


Useful dimensions for twin Bass Sizes

Instrument dimension 4/4 3/4 3/4 Kay 1/2 1/4

A complete Height bottom the 74.8” 71.6” 71.6” 65.7” 61.4”

human body to role 190 cm 182 centimeter 182 centimeter 167 centimeter 156 cm

B Body height bottom 45.7” 43.7” 43.7” 40.2” 37.4”

to shoulder 116 centimeter 111 cm 111 cm 102 centimeter 95 cm

C String size nut 43.3” 41.3” 41.5” 38” 35.4”

to bridge 110 centimeter 105 cm 105.5 centimeter 96.5 cm 90 cm

D upper Bout broad 21.3” 20.3” 20.25” 8.7” 17.3”

54 centimeter 51.5 cm 51.5 centimeter 47.5 centimeter 43 cm

E reduced Bout width 26.8” 25.6” 26.5” 23.6 “ 21.9”

68 cm 65 centimeter 67.5 cm 60 centimeter 55.5 cm

F scroll to Shoulder 29.1” 27.9” 28” 25.5” 24.0”

74 cm 71 cm 71.25 cm 64.75 centimeter 61 cm

G width of Neck 1.8” 1.7” 1.6” 1.6” 1.5”

at Nut 4.5 centimeter 4.25 cm 4 centimeter 4 centimeter 3.8 centimeter


If friend have any questions regarding basses or bass sizes, give us a call. We would certainly be happy come help!