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"Hi all" If i buy a bushel the corn top top the ear........about how many pounds of shelled corn would I get?? Thanks!

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Standard weight of a bushel the ear corn is 68.4 lbs. And also standard load of bushel of shell corn is 56 lbs. That"s presume the corn is 15.5% moisture.The actual weight of a bushel that corn depends on the percent moisture once it is harvested and on the test weight of the corn.
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I don"t think the question is gift answered as I review it.If you have actually a bushel of whole ear corn and also shell it, how plenty of pounds of kernels have to you finish up with?
Ken,The answer, if you desire a rough one, is that a bushel (volume measure) of husked ear corn need to yield about 56 lbs. (weight measure) of covering corn.If the doesn"t yield this specific measure, one of three things is possible. (1) girlfriend didn"t get exactly a bushel of ear corn; (2) the ear corn wasn"t 15.5% moisture; or (3) the corn has actually a heavier test weight 보다 average.For example, if the ear corn was 26% moisture, which is around the lowest moisture in ~ which you have the right to still bite kernels in half, a bushel the ear corn at this moisture would certainly weigh just about 83 lbs. And also the load of the shelled corn native it would be a shade under 64 lbs.
"Never tell human being how to do things. Tell lock what to do and also they will surprise you v their ingenuity." Gen. George S. Patton Jr.
Impossible question. Some varieties have large kernels, some don"t. Some individual cobs have big kernels, some don"t.

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You"ve got several correct answers. Friend can figure ear corn is 20 percent cob by weight, and 50 percent cob by volume. Obtaining closer 보다 that will require testing.
I don"t think the inquiry is being answered together I read it.If you have a bushel of whole ear corn and also shell it, how plenty of pounds that kernels have to you finish up with?
This is a _very_ connected question, yet the answers so much are usually correct - girlfriend will have actually 56 lbs of covering corn.I"ve been offering corn for about 30 years, & I carry out both shelled & ear corn.A bushel is a volume measurement. However, selling crops you constantly run throughout a scale & actually market by weight.So, the corn is tested & repair to a "proper" bushel i m sorry is 56 lbs at about 15% moisture (some want 14.5%, part go as high together 15.5%...) and also it is measured because that "test weight" which can be together low together 42 or over 60. (This number is what your corn _actually_ weights per bu.)Ear corn is assumed come be offered as if it to be kernal corn, and there room aprox 16 lbs of corn cobs per bu of ear corn, therefore corn top top the cob will weigh about 70 lbs every bu. However there is always 56 lbs (assumed or repair to...) that corn per bu, whether it is ear corn or kernal corn.The actual weight per bu that either deserve to vary a lot by the top quality & moisture content of the corn. You probably want to know & apply those corrections if you room buying high moisture corn or larger volumes that it.Kernal dimension is no an indicator, several of my heviest corn (test weight) was from small kernals. In a drought the huge kernals may result in low check weight, yet in a good year the large kernals are heavier....It"s confusing, yet corn is generally sold by weight, converted (by charts) to a "perfect" bu that corn i beg your pardon is 15% moisture, 56lbs, occupying an accurate volume. Doesn"t issue if it"s ~ above the cob or not - just use different charts to convert to the 56 lb ideal.--->Paul