I plan on installing approximately 2000 sqft of hardwoods into my 2 story, 2400 sqft house. I simply tallied up the expected expenses using an digital order kind and to be shocked to check out the approximated shipping weight for mine order: 9092 lbs.

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Should ns be concerned about my home supporting this much weight? 4500lbs spread out out throughout the second story concerns me.


Residential floors room designed to organize a minimum of 40 pounds per square foot (30 for "sleeping rooms") of "live load" (people/furniture/kittens) add to 10-20 pounds per square foot of "dead load" (structure/flooring).

Most likely you are fine.... However, provide us the measurements for her floor joists (thickness, height, and span distance) and also we will have the ability to give friend a more definitive answer.

Looking within the keen space, I have the right to see the joists because that the first floor. I believe they room 2in x 10in. The longest span is roughly 12 feet.

Unless your home has proof of preexisting structural issues, the weight of the flooring won't be a problem.

The shipping weight will likely incorporate freight packaging for all the flooring, so a couple hundred pounds because that a crate and also packing materials can be knocked off that figure. Additionally that kind of weight spread out over the house is really negligible, even if we usage the 9000 lb weight spread out over 2000 sq. Ft. That's 4.5 lbs every square foot, well under any type of cumulative dead or live pack limit of the floor.

Tangent story: when looking in ~ houses, I found one the was plainly sloping in the direction of the middle of the hosue. Ns assumed structure damage, however decided to look anyways. When we gain to the kitchen in the center of the house, it to be amazing. Actual brick anywhere with a built-in pizza oven, amazing gas range, large amount the space, etc.

Of course, the owner had actually down all this themselves and didn't account because that the load of every this brick. It to be literally leading to the house to sink.

A girlfriend of mine is in the midst of a restroom remodel. They uncovered a pair of tons of concrete under the linoleum in the bathroom. It had actually been there because that decades. Basically tripled the cost of the remodel. Who pours concrete in a second floor bathroom?

Do you think there was a means to jack the floor up in that house and also put in sisters joists or something? It's a dead they did such a beautiful project on the kitchen and also didn't account for the weight.

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