According come the BLS, there are about 31,010 human being employed together anesthesiologists together of 2019, a ... <+> figure which has actually remained fairly constant over the years.

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Anesthesiologists are an invaluable component of the medical world. Let’s simply say that, if you were to enter surgery without this people, your endure would be quite intense, to say the least. The occupation has actually existed for some time now and remains a well-known medical ar for prospective medical professionals to pursue.

Using work-related data native the bureau of labor Statistics, freshly updated through 2019 data, we"ve analyzed and also compiled a round-up that the typical anesthesiologist salary by state in the U.S. Review on for a full break down of whereby anesthesiologists do the most money, and also where they"re making the least.

10 states Where Anesthesiologists knife the many Money

The national average annual wage of an anesthesiologist is $261,730, according to theBLS, i m sorry is simply under five-times the average yearly salary for all occupations, $53,490. Of course, anesthesiologists need years upon years of post-graduate study, every one of which costs a ton that money. Linked with how vital their job is, it renders sense the mean anesthesiologist salary is for this reason high.

However, as with all occupations, the average anesthesiologist salary can vary considerably depending on the state in which you’re located. The being said, even the lowest-paying says for anesthesiologists have actually average incomes that are almost $130,000 an ext than the national mean for all jobs. In the best-paying state because that anesthesiologists, the mean salary is almost $230,000 an ext than the U.S. Average annual wage.

A native of caution: The BLS fairy data because that 2019 is not finish for every states. Follow to your data tables, states with the number price (#) for their salary data means, “This fairy is equal to or greater than $100.00 per hour or $208,000 every year.” see the table in ~ the end of the article for the complete list that states.


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Below is a list of the top-10 highest-paying states for anesthesiologists follow to available 2019 BLS data:

Wyoming typical anesthesiologist salary: $281,070 Arizona average anesthesiologist salary: $280,030 Oklahoma average anesthesiologist salary: $278,540 New Mexicoaverage anesthesiologist salary: $277,140 Kansasaverage anesthesiologist salary: $276,800 North Carolinaaverage anesthesiologist salary: $274,610 Alabamaaverage anesthesiologist salary: $274,260 Indianaaverage anesthesiologist salary: $272,630 Louisianaaverage anesthesiologist salary: $269,520 Floridaaverage anesthesiologist salary: $268,470

Granted, the incompleteness the the BLS’s state value data for 2019 influence the above ranking, but the list is still intriguing, nevertheless. Says like brand-new Mexico, Alabama and Louisiana are frequently not states in i beg your pardon wages room that high, due in large part come the truth that cost of life in these claims is lower contrasted to the U.S. Overall. Thus, it is amazing to check out these says rank among the highest-paying states for anesthesiologists.

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10 claims Where Anesthesiologists earn the the very least Money

The bottom-10 states where anesthesiologists do the least money space geographically fairly varied. Some claims that usually room top-paying locations for many occupations, such as new York and also Massachusetts, room actually top top the low-end in terms of median anesthesiologist salaries. The being said, the typical salaries for anesthesiologists in these says are quiet excellent and far above the median wage for every occupations overall.

Here"s a look in ~ the bottom-10 says for anesthesiologist salaries:

Utah typical anesthesiologist salary: $180,630 New York mean anesthesiologist salary: $212,730 Massachusetts typical anesthesiologist salary: $214,830 Georgia mean anesthesiologist salary: $221,380 Michigan typical anesthesiologist salary: $234,970 Texas typical anesthesiologist salary: $241,090 Arkansas typical anesthesiologist salary: $241,710 Wisconsin median anesthesiologist salary: $242,770 Pennsylvania average anesthesiologist salary: $248,250 Nevada mean anesthesiologist salary: $252,250

How much Do Anesthesiologists do in every State

Below you’ll discover the average yearly wage because that anesthesiologists in all says the BLS has actually data because that from 2019. Remember, the number price (#) because that state value data means, “This wage is equal to or greater than $100.00 per hour or $208,000 every year.”