In short, many Jon watercrafts are going come weigh in between 400-500 pounds (180-225 kg) which contains both the aluminum hull and also the engine.

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 Some will certainly weigh as tiny as 130 pounds (59kg) in total for the 10 foot lengths, if 20 foot boats will sweet upwards the 1,200 pounds (544kg) or more. 

Weights by watercraft Size

The weights room going come really differ by boat length, so right here are averages by watercraft length that us compiled by evaluating over 30 boats and 25 ideal engines because that each size: 

10 Foot: 130 pounds (59kg) + negligible fuel weight12 Foot: 170 pounds 77kg) + negligible fuel weight14 Foot: 275 pounds (125kg) + negligible fuel weight16 Foot: 525 pounds (238kg) + 45 pounds (20kg) fuel load for 3hrs18 Foot: 880 pounds (440kg) + 75 pounds (34kg) fuel weight for 3hrs20 Foot: 1,200 pounds (544kg) + 135 pounds (34kg) fuel weight for 3hrs

At the bottom of the post we re-publishing the 33 watercrafts we sampled to determine these averages. 

All in all, the majority of Jon boats are going to weigh much less than 1,200 pounds (544kg) between the hull, engine, and fuel. For your performance and also utility, castle are very lightweight. 

Trailer Weight

We are putting an entire post together approximately trailers, yet as a teaser, the smaller trailers fit for Jon watercrafts will sweet only roughly 200-300 pounds (91-136kg), while larger ones will be upwards of 600 pounds (272kg). Again, this is highly variable based on the size and carrying volume (which doesn’t need to be much provided the light weight of the mean Jon), however it is a an excellent starting point. An ext to come on our more detailed trailer guide. 

Towing Capacity

If girlfriend crunch the number above, an typical 14-16 foot Jon boat including a trailer is still probably going come be much less than 1,000 pounds (454kg) in total. This method just around any tiny or mid-sized SUV is going to have the ability to tow your typical Jon watercraft without any type of problem in ~ all.

If you space doing the mathematics on your certain car, be sure to encompass not just the complete weight of the boat and trailer, but also any passengers and luggage/gear that you have in the car itself.

Can ns tow through my car or sedan? 

We’ll be ethical here… while technically you could probably tow one of these through your car, we don’t recommend it as ideal practice. Generally when launching these watercrafts into the water, that is most safe to have actually a automobile with 4 wheel drive and also decent ground clearance as you will likely be partially submerging the bottom of the vehicle below the water line. If she in a Civic, you will certainly be limited as to how far you can ago the vehicle up come launch the boat. 

That gift said, we put together a an extensive post around towing your Jon watercraft with a car. That doable in particular situations, however we cover the both the dangers and also how to carry out it. 

How much will the watercraft carry? 

The carrying capacity of her Jon watercraft is walk to count on the dimension of the boat. The bigger and also longer that is, the much more it will carry. We put together a article on this topic the looks at the exact same size groupings above. You deserve to read an ext about carrying capacity here. 

10 Foot Jon boat Weight: 

Average weight of 130 pounds (59kg) which is based on an typical hull load of 95 pounds (43kg) and also average 3hp engine load of 35 pounds (16kg).

Sample Size:

Alumacraft 10 Foot Jon Boat: 95 pounds (43kg)Lowe L1032 Jon: 80 pounds (36kg)Waco Jon 1432 series 10 Foot: 78 pounds (35kg)Tracker Topper 1036: 112 pounds (51kg)Smoker craft 1032: 100 pounds (45kg)G3 boats 1036: 100 pounds (45kg)

12 Foot Jon watercraft Weight:

Average weight of 170 pounds (77kg) which is based on an mean hull weight of 110 pounds (50kg) and also average 6hp engine load of 60 pounds (27kg).

Sample Size: 

Alumacraft 12 Foot Jon Boat: 105 pounds (48kg)Lowe L1232: 90 pounds (41kg)Waco Jon 1432 collection 12 Foot: 88 pounds (40kg)Tracker Topper 1236: 126 pounds (57kg)Smoker handmade 1232: 120 pounds (54kg)G3 boats 1236: 144 pounds (65kg)Pelican Intruder 12: 127 pounds (58kg)Lost Creek 12 Foot: 90 pounds (41kg)

14 Foot Jon boat Weight:

Average weight of 275 pounds (125kg) i m sorry is based on an typical hull weight of 160 pounds (73kg) and average 15hp engine load of 115 pounds (52kg).

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Sample Size: 

Waco Jon 1432 collection 14 Foot: 104 pounds (47kg)Lowe L1436: 185 pounds (84kg)Tracker Topper 1436: 162 pounds (73kg)Smoker handmade 1436: 185 pounds (84kg)G3 boats 14 Foot (average of 14 foot models): 190 pounds (86kg)Lost Creek 14 Foot: 145 pounds (66kg)

16 Foot Jon boat Weight:

Average weight of 525 pounds (238kg) which is based on an mean hull load of 360 pounds (163kg) and average 30hp engine weight of 165 pounds (75kg). In ~ this engine dimension you can additionally start adding around 0.5 pounds that fuel per horsepower every hour of engine operation. Because that example, a 30hp engine ran because that 3 hrs would consume around 45 pounds of fuel (30hp * .5 pounds per hour * 3 hours). 

Sample Size:

Alumacraft 16 Foot Jon Boat: 320 pounds (145kg)Lowe L1648: 275 pounds (125kg)Tracker Grizzly 1648 Jon: 638 pounds (289kg)Smoker craft 1648: 295 pounds (134kg)G3 boats 16 Foot (average of 16 foot models): 375 pounds (170kg)Crestliner 1600: 275 pounds (125kg)XPress watercrafts 1650 VJ: 341 pounds (155kg)

18 Foot Jon boat Weight:

Average load of 880 pounds (400kg) i beg your pardon is based upon an median hull weight of 590 pounds (268kg) and average 50hp engine load of 290 pounds (132kg). 3 hrs of fuel consumption using the formula over (.5 pounds every horsepower per hour) will burn about 75 pounds of fuel.

Sample Size: 

Tracker Grizzly 1860 Jon: 794 pounds (360kg)Crestliner 1800: 475 pounds (215kg)G3 watercrafts 16 Foot (average of 18 foot models): 500 pounds (227kg)

Note: For the 18 and also 20 foot boat lengths, we purposely kept this sample size on the smaller sized end. This is since boats the this dimension start come come an ext feature-packed and also pre-configured, versus simply being able come buy a hull and also an engine separately. Over there are tons of boats out there for averages, but we wanted to keep the methodology continuous with the smaller sized boats. 

20 Foot Jon boat Weight:

Average load of 1,200 pounds (544kg) i beg your pardon is based upon an typical hull load of 830 pounds (376kg) and also average 90hp engine load of 370 pounds (168kg). 3 hrs of fuel consumption will burn about 135 pounds that fuel. 

Sample Size:

Lowe Roughneck 2070: 710 pounds (322kg)Crestliner 2070 Retriever: 710 pounds (322kg)G3 boats Gator challenging (average of 20 foot models): 1,065 pounds (483kg)

Note: very same commentary together 18 foot watercrafts in regards to keeping the sample size purposely small.