If you space interested in being painted this information may assist you to much better understand the artist’s process.

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Modeling with Craig Tracy has two distinct avenues. The an initial option is a i was delegated bodypainting where the design pays the artist because that the procedure of gift painted and the 2nd option is a volunteer model where money is no exchanged. He never ever uses organ or websites to acquire models and 99% of his models uncover him through either his gallery in brand-new Orleans or with the web.

Volunteer modeling usually involves, Craig photographing the potential design completely nude. This photograph session is referred to as a “viewing” and as plenty of as 30 poses have the right to be taken. In ~ the finish of a viewing every photos space then the review by both the artist and model. A complete viewing session have the right to take from 30 come 60 minutes including the testimonial of image taken. That then has that potential version cataloged because that future review and also use. Viewings are offered indiscriminately to those interested in gift painted but actually being liked to be painted is another process entirely. Shape, proximity, personality and inspiration room all factors that assist the artist to select who he will or will certainly not occupational with. Significantly less then fifty percent of all potential models perceived will it is in painted.

However many potential models find the the town hall in and of itself a unique and worthwhile experience. Volunteer models have no input about the painting and also it’s an imaginative direction but they are displayed in advance of the scheduled painting specifically what the artist’s vision is.

His much less common however increasingly promising “spontaneous” bodypainting procedure can also allow a potential volunteer version to it is in painted. These paints are usually abstract and an extremely expressive. Spontaneous bodypaintings call for a particular element that luck and chemistry to compensate for a absence of preparation and research. Many of these paintings are painted top top models that perform not live in or near brand-new Orleans.

All models who room painted will obtain a quality, signed and also numbered print from the artist.

Commissioned bodypaintings space where the artist is “hired” to repaint a details individual or couple. Commissions permit the clients some creative influence regarding style and also subject matter and commissions also guarantee a paint will occur on the agreed person and also or model. Craig Tracy’s rose are typically done in his studio in new Orleans and they generally follow the procedure below.

An initial discussion between the artist and also the potential client/model start the process. This can be a personal, telephone or email conversation.An evaluation of the model’s body have to then be made regarding establish possible poses and angles to be painted. This is most often and best done with the artist doing a photograph shoot personally.a deposit is climate paid to the artist.The artist climate designs the painting and has it approved by the client.The painting day is scheduled.The paint is created and also the balance of the commission is paid to the artist.The client decides upon a type, size and also quantity of prints desired. (Prints are a separate option and are not included as a component of the board of directors fee.)Clients have actually a selection of options about the property of the picture created. Shared ownership through the artist is the many common and also least expensive.

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A spontaneous commission is also feasible requiring less preparation and time invest by both artist and model. These commissions are much more about color, style and spontaneity and also less about specific designs and also concepts. If you are interested in either option feel totally free to call the collection directly.