The typical choreographer value is $70,114 every year, or $33.71 per hour, in the united States. Human being on the lower finish of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make about $33,000 a year, if the top 10% provides $148,000. As most things go, location can be critical. Rhode Island, new Jersey, Connecticut, brand-new York, and Massachusetts carry out the highest possible choreographer salaries.



Average Choreographer value By State

The darker areas on the map present where choreographers knife the greatest salaries throughout all 50 states.

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Average Choreographer Salary over Time

Compare incomes for individual cities or claims with the national average.

together we formerly stated, choreographer salaries deserve to vary depending on the industry. In fact, our data shows that technology, retail, and also finance carriers tend to offer much greater salaries for choreographers. Because that example, choreographers make a whopping median salary the $65,263 while working for modern technology companies. Meanwhile, other world in this ar are making $63,383 at retail companies and $45,733 at finance companies. But choreographers may want to protect against working in the education and learning industry together it supplies the lowest mean salary in ~ $45,579.
A dance instructor teaches a selection of dance styles and also techniques come students indigenous beginner to advanced level. Run instructors have to choreograph routines for your students and select the ideal music because that recitals and concerts. They evaluate the performance of your students and administer suggestions and also recommendations for improvement. Dance instructors can specialize in one or an ext dance category such as ballet, ballroom, or hip-hop. They likewise can find employment at schools, dance studios, and community centers.
Dancers are responsible for using fluid body movements throughout musical productions, including ballroom, music theater, opera, ballet, and also concerts. They run alone, with a partner, or with a group to entertain the audience. Their major responsibilities space to carry out classical, modern, or acrobatic dances, job-related in tandem with various other dancers come create whole routine, works with movement come express emotions with dance set to music, existing folk, jazz, tap, ethnic, or other popular kinds of dance, choreographed routines collection to music, promote performances if necessary, and also maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle to emphasize performance.

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Dance Teachers space responsible for leading dance classes to teach people or teams of people various to dance techniques. Dance Teachers are required to aid their students boost their dancing an abilities by participating in amateur or experienced dance competitions or performing in social events such together high school reunions. They need to teach one or more dance genres such together ballet, ballroom, or i know well hop. Lock must also be physically fit and should own a an excellent sense of high quality music.
White choreographers have actually the highest possible average salary compared to various other ethnicities. Black or afri american choreographers have actually the lowest average salary in ~ $48,466.
Choreographers with a Masters level earn much more than those without, at $55,065 annually. V a combine degree, choreographers earn a median yearly income of $52,920 compared to $51,911 because that choreographers with an Bachelors degree.
High school Diploma or Less$48,194Master's Degree$55,065Bachelor's Degree$51,911Some College/ combine Degree$52,920